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The developer must contact the moderators just prior to reducing the price so we can see the IAP documented at full price. Read our Wiki for details on posting, moderation, suggestions to subscribers, developers and more.

No formerly paid apps that went free with IAP freemium. I ordered a XX votes package but my score shows only YY.

Moderators do their best to let the community function organically but will manage and enforce guidelines regularly and at their discretion. Use CodeHookup for iOS, Play-Code for Android or another code distribution service to distribute your codes in an organized method that allows users to claim codes correctly.

Our subscribers have complained repeatedly about this method since it requires them to manually enter codes, one-by-one, only to discover that they have already been redeemed. Usually, we remove posts or comments for the following reasons… The deal or price reduction has expired.

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This subreddit is exclusively for fact-based, app posts. The subscribers of AppHookup and Reddit in general can be a tough crowd. Focus on the most critical reviews, as these are often the most honest and revealing.

Apps whose price reduction cannot be verified.

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Once the moderators acknowledge the IAP, the developer can lower the price and reply to the moderators once the documented price reduction can be visually verified.

Moderators will only allow IAP price reductions when we are able to verify the reduction. We are a team of eleven persons which use Reddit ten hours per day. See the Resources section for links to other subreddits that may be more suitable for your posts. Auto-Moderation Because of the popularity of this subreddit, we are constantly receiving and removing spam.

Permission The developer or affiliate has requested permission beforehand with the moderators.

Oh, it looks like you’re using an outdated browser.

Flair your submissions appropriately. Always link directly to the deal. There is no reward or acknowledgment for reporting.

The post title was not formatted correctly, as defined on our sidebar.

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Or they see an upvoted post reviewing a new online tool and they immediately sign up and try it. That goes for complaints about features or lack thereof as well. Amazon will stop accepting new Underground apps on May 31st, and the full program will end in specific date unspecified.

Spam prevention and removal. Mentioning your own product is considered self-promotion, which we take very seriously within this subreddit. What can I do to improve my chances of submitting a working live link? Historically, AppHookup subscribers will rarely up-vote your post and few will thank you for your contribution.

Apps where the posted price reduction is the price found most often for that app. If your app's price history shows that it is free the majority of the time, it is considered as free by us.

Just because you distribute codes does not mean a developer will be granted any special favor or preferential treatment. Six of the accounts from these lists belong to us. If you take a promo code and enjoy the app, leave an upvote or even a review in the comments.

Developers We appreciate and encourage interaction with the development community. Self-promotionnon-disclosure of affiliation, or acting as a shillis discouraged in posts and comments and can result in a ban from this subreddit depending on account behavior.

The auto-moderator removes posts and comments based on the following criteria When a code distribution post has been 'All Claimed' for over 24 hours, the post will be removed. It was definitely worth it.

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It's called Reddit Secrets. No lite applications, apps with intermittent ads, apps that are always free or free most of the time.

With all these low quality services, your accounts will generally be banned in less than one week. The possibilities are really endless. Apps that have always been free or were recently or are regularly posted.


No questions that link directly to a picture. Self-promotionnon-disclosure of affiliation, or acting as a shillis discouraged in posts and comments and will likely result in a ban from this subreddit depending on account behavior.

If you disagree with the auto-moderator's removal of your post and would like to challenge it, message the moderators.

No soliciting votes or suggesting down-votes. Check the flair or your messages for a reason or Message the Moderators. Whenever possible, please add details to your report to assist us.

Moderators are open to discuss suggestions, problems and possible mistakes by a user or the auto-moderator. Reddit is a community, not an advertising platform. Be righteous to each other! These people will purchase your products or services if they see them upvoted enough. If your website hosts ads, then you may not link to it.