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Pay card even in the smallest shop, there are ATMs at almost every turn on the streets, in the Mall, large stores and institutions. Trade in cheese is produced only by banks and exchange offices banks. Thailand banks is a high-risk country, and therefore before a trip it is best to inform your Bank that you will be in a certain period in a certain country, or after the first transaction card may be blocked.

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For example, the course on the same day in the Bangkok airport - One bath satang. To change money in exchange offices at hotels and guesthouses is not necessary — the course was not the best.

Small banks and licensed exchange offices are open on weekdays from 8: If you have a choice on what to change rubles before travelling to Thailand, dollars or euros, it is better to give preference to the game of thrones costars dating at least at the moment.

Phone in case of loss of plastic card or checks: Also keep in mind that the exchange rate depends on the denomination notes, which you change courses for different categories of dignity reflect on the scoreboard with the course: But if you already have a certain amount in euros, it is not necessary to run to the exchanger and exchange them for dollars before you travel to Thailand.

What currency is better to take in Thailand? The rare exceptions are ATMs located inside banks.

Exchange Rates USD to THB, United States Dollar and Thai Baht, convert

Major banks are open only on weekdays from 8: Payment in dollars or euros is not possible, with the exception that payment for excursions and other services of tourist guides personally.

You can safely take the dollar or the Euro: When withdrawing cash at ATMs charges fee of baht, regardless of the withdrawal amount. While in the exchange of rubles directly on the baht on hand, we got only baht.

Of course, the exchange was profitable, it is better to find an ATM that gives a single large amount, and shoot right to the maximum.

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In Thailand only accept payment in local money. For testing we have produced an accurate conversion of exchange 3, rubles in Thai baht directly and through dollars at the rate of one day in August Best to do it in exchange offices paragraphs labeled Exchange or banks.

Small dollars for settlement is not necessary, the whole calculation in the Kingdom only in Baht.

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So rubles in Thailand better supplies to the most critical case. In tourist areas currency exchange offices can be found almost every 10 metres.

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In circulation are coins of 25 and 50 satang, 1, 2, 5 and 10 baht; banknotes come in denominations of 10 baht, 20 baht, 50 baht, baht, baht and 1, baht.

The difference is significant, and not in favor of the ruble.

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But if you want to save a bottle or two of beer, walk a little down the street, look at the exchange rate no need to even go in banks or exchange offices, the exchange rates usually visible from the streetand then place povygodney.

The difference in rates between the different points is small.

Dollar to Thai baht - USD/THB Exchange Rate Live Today in Thailand

In resort areas the operation of banks are usually more long lasting. Everywhere without any problems it is possible to change both dollars and euros, as well as a dozen popular world currencies.

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The use of plastic cards in Thailand is very common. To pay for goods and services plastic card is advantageous, since no additional fees will be charged. In the Bangkok airportpopular tourist resorts and cities, you can easily find exchange offices and banks that change and rubles.

Convert THB to USD

Courses airports of Thailand quite reasonable, not too low. When removing the cash before you finally click "Give money", you can see on the ATM screen information on the fees to the current amount. The fee is deducted in addition to the interest for the withdrawal and conversion of money, which are set by the Bank card Issuer the Bank which issued the card and the Bank that owns the ATM.

But do not rush to change everything at once money at the airport, in the cities you will find the course a few better deal.

Thai Baht: How to Get the Absolute Best Exchange Rates

Satang coins are virtually out of circulation and almost never occur. But the rate is set extremely profitable. Usually your Bank can inform about the phone number on the map, and in some cases you will have to go into the Bank and notify operators.