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It is a feeling that one is morallysuperior over another. The subject is who or what the sentence is about.

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Read moreā€¦ He preguntar y responder yahoo dating manages to look fantastically indignant when you tell him off. The all round welfare of those who depend on agriculture, the working class, the poor and the indigent, irrespective of cast, creed or religion is the goal of the society.

Ashley felt indignation when she heard the bad news at her job. Example sentences with the indignation, a sentence example for indignation, and how to make indignation in sample sentence, how do I use the word indignationin a sentence?

Times, Sunday Times But in real life he's not particularly indignant, either. Angered by the editorial in the newspaper, my mother wrote an indignant letter to the editor.

That is called a noun. The action or identity verb is the predicate.

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It's also called "righteous anger. Times, Sunday Times I began to feel very indignant with my friend for having stepped overboard and gone off in that way. Frederick Marryat The Children of the New Forest She may feel indignant but it's really unfair to deprive your daughter of loving grandparents.


It's an angry reaction to something that is unfair, mean, or unjust. How can you use indignant in a sentence? How do you spell indignation in a sentence? Derived forms adverb Word origin of 'indignant' L indignans, prp.

Karla's older brothers Einar, Nicolai, and Axel were active in local Jewish charity and helped maintain a free soup kitchen for indigent Jewish immigrants from Russia.

A sentence has a group of words that expresses a complete idea, that is a statement, a command, an exclamation, or a question.

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To be indignant is to be angry and annoyed at unfair treatment. Times, Sunday Times When the philosopher read the interviewhe fired off an indignant personal letter to the minister. Self-righteous indignation refers to an excessive awareness ofone's own virtuousness.

Indignation will not improve the situation; if you take action, you won't feel so angry. Times, Sunday Times I feel indignant that I should have to pay this.

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He is indignant at suggestions that they were secret agents. Three years of providing care to indigent and working poor populations has revealed to staff and volunteers that IFC is the primary source of care for most of the Clinic's patients.

How do you use indignant in a sentence? How do you use the word indignation in a sentence? A sentence can be about anyone or anything. Times, Sunday Times I suppose I can see why the staff might feel indignant. Angry, annoyed,upset, furious, and wrathful are all synonyms for the wordindignant.

How do you use indignation in a sentence? The poverty in the world is an indignity to mankind. How do you use the word indignity in a sentence?

English words and Examples of Usage use "indignation" in a sentence One of the psychologists said on TV: Who or what is a sentence is about?

What does indignation mean? The Sun If it was designed to make me feel indignant, it failed. Jerome Three Men in a Boat So if your boyfriend has been taking advantage of the fact that you will always obligeyou may feel quite feel indignant.

Since its founding, UTMB has served indigent or poor populaces, such as prisoners, the homeless, and single mothers, including patients with ailments that are very expensive to treat such as burns.

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Another goodsentence would be, he was indignant when the dog chewed up hisshoes. He was indignant when his wife left the house. The study showed a disproportionate representation of blacks made up his jury Denial of state habeas petitions Davis, like many indigent death row inmates, was represented during his state habeas proceedings by the Georgia Resource Center.

Robinson was an active member of the indigent Defense panel of attorneys who defended indigent defendants in Bibb County. I became indignant when i was picked last again.

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What is self-righteous indignation? For he says, that every soul which has an energy not at all indigent of body, is likewise allotted an essence beyond and separable from body. The word indignant is an adjective. Christianity Today No wonder that he is indignant, and looks upon us with scorn.

Forexample, "Amy was indignant when her mother allowed the others togo to the mall without her". Sentences have a variety of aspects but must contain a subject and a verb. A sentence must have a subject and a verb in a main clause and may have one or more subordinate clauses.

I have much indignation about the light sentence given to the drunk driver who ran over my child.

Indignant Examples - English Examples | indignant Usages and Sentences

Humala is quoted as stating "I want to declare my indignation at the statements" and went on to say "Who benefits from the crimes carrying a sentence of 10 years or more. Indignation is a form of anger. The city council members wereindignant upon hearing the mayor's critical speech.

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La pobreza en el mundo es un indignidad a seres humanos. One could almost feel the indignation radiating from his body after she made that insufferable insult.

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Times, Sunday Times I feel indignant on behalf of the young people and teachers because I was speaking on their behalf. The subject of the sentence is the noun.

A noun varifies a person, place, thing or idea. Translations for 'indignant' British English:

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