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To enable this, a main function is defined as shown in the next code listing. The next code listing includes the code just highlighted but represents the entire method in which that code resides.

W3C XML Schema (XSD) Validation online

I have done this so that the polnocny dennik online dating can be adapted to work even in environments with older versions of Java.

The output with the most significant portions of the error message highlighted is shown after the code listing.

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This method also handles the various types of exceptions that might be thrown during the validation process. The sample application shown and explained here attempts to demonstrate that and is a useful tool for simple command line validation of XML documents against specified XSDs.

XML Validator - XSD (XML Schema)

Sample Invalid Servlet 2. The complete code listing for the Java-based XML validation tool discussed in this post is included at the end of the post. The next code listing is for the complete XmlValidator class. There is one important caveat I wish to emphasize here.

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An instance of javax. I have found it useful to have my own easy-to-use XML validation tool because of limitations or issues of the previously mentioned approaches. The method just shown calls a method called generateStreamSourcesFromXsdPathsJdk8 String[] and the next listing is of that invoked method.

The XSDs provided to this Java-based tool sometimes need to be specified in a particular order. Source objects represents one or more XSDs. One could easily port this to Groovy to be even more script-friendly.

Validate XML against XSD

In most cases, I have tried to comment the code that requires JDK 7 or JDK 8 to identify these dependencies and provide alternative approaches in earlier versions of Java. The most significant lines of code from that application when discussing validation of XML against one or more XSDs is shown next.

Schema is instantiated with a call to javax. As the comment in the code states, the JDK 7 language change supporting catching of multiple exceptions in a single catch clause is used in this method but could be replaced with separate catch clauses or catching of a single more general exception for code bases earlier than JDK 7.

The next code listing shows an intentionally invalid web.

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Sample Valid Servlet 2. Java makes it easy to write such a tool and this post demonstrates how easy it is to develop a simple XML validation tool in Java. The Java tool developed in this post requires JDK 8.

Collectors; import static java.