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Venttiilin nostingshookups, space details

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Thre are two air channels on top and on both sides of the ventilator minimize feeling of draught and to help fresh air to mix with room air upper part of the room. Just like you found this company profile, your potential customers WILL find your profile, when you sign up!

Ventilator body is made of steel venttiilin nostingshookups windproof canopy is aluminium. Over the years, with the development of the continuous updating of machine tools, it has been possible because we were able to surround us with excellent employees, reliable and qualified employees who have shared with us the achievements of the company and the responsibility of each single detail that is delivered.

Both parts are powder painted. Biobe wall ventilator has three components: All components of the Biobe wall ventilator are made in Finland.

Technical training

Canopy is mounted and sealed tightly to a facade of a building. The silencer decreases the noise from street and the filter decreases pollen to go inside the house. Inthe creation of a new department for the production of hardened and ground, We also specialize in the manufacture of parts of valves used on oil and gas pipelines, Slab and Expanding gate with correction of filling material wear.

As accessory available silencer cartridge is recommended to use inside the tube. Biobe wall ventilator is installed to a wall or airing shutter with screws. Also conventional grid-shape canopies can be used.

Using Biobe wall ventilator the incoming air will flow as controlled into the room and the amount of fresh air can be quaranteed. In a new building expands its potential for the construction of steel structures for machine tools and metal structures, following the constant demand of our customers have a single point of contact for procurement, design on CAD, the finished structure for assembly.

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There is a seal as standard on back cover of a ventilator. Silencer tube between the inner and exterior canopies of a wall ventilator.

The inlet tube is tightly installed to the wall structure.