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Fry is very excited, while it is not really a big deal in the year Retrieved May 15, The gender switch was the most promising thing about this episode and if it had been used a lot earlier within the show, this reheated premise might have been a lot funnier. The Professor tells everyone to prepare to move out to their new home under the bridge and orders Turanga Leela and Amy Wong to pack lunches while the men reminisce and smoke cigars.

Plan Am is launched and Fry and Hermes are in charge of piloting the plane with the women acting as stewardesses. A sentient rock alien appears and is fascinated by everyone's genders, as it is unfamiliar with the concept.

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Brannigan throws the Planet Express crew in jail for violating the planet's security cordon, but tries to seduce Leela. Fry tries to persuade Leela to go exploring on the moon, while Amy tries to recover the keys to the Planet Express Ship.

Neither gender reaches the cave in time thanks to negative traits of both genders, the men get lost and refuse to ask for directions while the women are unable to resist a mirage that looks like a shoe sale.

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But "Neutopia" might be proof that even the greatest shows eventually start to decline. Written by Dimitry Rotstein.

The men win the first test helped by Bender's lies. During an argument they end up having sexand fail to create a cooler in time. I don't recall seeing this kind of lazy writing on the series before and I'm surprised that this episode made it all the way through production without someone attempting a major fix.

When his clumsy attempts to appear …. Their celebrations are interrupted by the rock alien's friend, the Borax Kid, who restores everyone to their correct genders before leaving. Ver futurama neutopia latino dating she left out that the same thing could be said of the writers… There are some bright spots within the episode, particularly the Tinder dating site for over 50 line about Mercury, Bender's time travel advice and Dr.

On their first journey Fry and Hermes sleep causing the plane to crash on a mineral world. Fry," so I still have faith that the creative team can deliver.

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An original ending involved Amy's parents, Leo and Inez Wongpurchasing Planet Express and saving it from foreclosure. The calendar makes enough money to put Planet Express back in business and the Borax Kid arrives and returns the crew back to their correct genders.

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Hermes and LaBarbara each steal a part from the other group, but are caught by each other. Tensions begin to arise between the males and femalesand each gender forms a group.

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Then, they convert "Planet Express" into an airline company "Plan-Am". The first half of the sixth season did give us a few instant classics like "The Late Philip J.

Fry I 's idea of delivering packages for free. The alien attempts to do so, but inadvertently switches their genders.

During the inaugural flight, Fry West again manages to crash the ship on a hostile planet where a powerful rock creature begins experimenting on the crew to determine whether men or women are superior. Scruffy emerges from a bathroom, still female, having missed the Borax Kid's visit.

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Back at Planet Express, Leela and Amy take advantage of the contract clause to force the men-turned-women to pose for the calendar, and enough calendars are sold to save the business. Farnsworth bursts in clutching an envelope declaring Planet Express to be back in business.

Without the tension caused by genders, the castaways get along and work together to repair the crashed ship. While approaching the planet, Leela is thrilled to meet the legendary Captain Zapp Brannigan, who is policing the sector.

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Production[ edit ] In earlier drafts of the script, the episode did not feature the characters switching to their opposite genders at all, nor the character of the Borax Kid. However Hermes and LaBarbara meet in-between both camps and discovering each other's theft declare both genders to be equal.

Leela and Amy refuse to pose topless but have to change their minds when Hermes declares that it is in their contract. Due to the low number of female employees only two Hermes hires his wife Labarbara Conrad.

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It feels like we've been over the gender battle on this show before and this time all of the characters seem more than a little out of character as they attempt to prove their dominance.

In an attempt to resolve their differences, the alien uses its powers to neuter everyone. Back at Planet Express headquarters there is a majority of female staff so the 'girly' calendar can now go ahead. Everybody then suddenly materializes in a cave and the rock alien is disappointed with them saying that he set the test so both genders would work together and their failure to do so means that he lost his bet with the Borax Kid.

Strangely enough, in an early draft of the script, there was this crazy thing where Amy's parents came in and saved the day Amy says "If you want to save this company, you should listen to a woman's idea for once.

The women start coughing from the fumes and the men are engulfed by boiling Mercury. The creature proposes a series of tests to determine which gender is superior, but when both groups fail the tests, it concludes that gender is redundant altogether, and strips everyone of their sex characteristics.

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An alien who does not understand the concept of gender conducts experiments on the crew, changing all their genders. Professor Farnsworth sends the crew on a tax-deductible charity mission to evacuate wildlife from the doomed planet Vergon 6. Trying to sleep standing up in Bender's closet-sized apartment doesn't work, so they go looking for a place both can be comfortable.

This plan does not work out, so the company converts into a private airline.

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As the crew prepares to deliver the envelope it is revealed that it is actually addressed to the Professor who congratulates them on a job well done and when he opens the envelope declares them all to be incompetent. The alien tests the two groups on gender superiority, challenging them to reach a glacier cave before the planet reaches perihelionboiling the mercury.