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But a corrupt police detective, named Sam Phelan, witnesses the event, and blackmails the Kent family, promising to disclose the secret unless Clark steals his files from the internal affairs.

One of these … Description Fat teenager Jodi Melville is obsessed to lose weight. Meanwhile, the Kents have financial difficulties and need a loan to save their farm, and Lex Luthor invites them for a meeting at his mansion and offers the necessary money in a lower interest rate to the reluctant Jonathan.

Her mother works in the Luthor's mansion and they live with her brother Jeff Palmer on the property. He is exposed to burning kryptonite ore in the sauna, and achieves the power of burning whatever he wants.

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She becomes obsessed with Lana Lang's family, and decides to assume her identity. Arkin, collects insects in his home. Lex Luthor is blackmailed by a dirty journalist, named Roger Nixon, who found… Description In a high school party nearby a frozen lake with kryptonite at the bottom, arrogant football player Sean Kelvin has an accident and drowns under the ice.

Forbes reports that there are almost 8, dating sites in the worldso you have a lot of selections to browse through. Amy is jealous of Luthor's girlfriend Victoria Hardwick. Age, height, weight, and income are just some of the characteristics people beef up to make themselves look and sound more attractive.

Description Teenager Greg Arkin, who lives alone with his mother Mrs. Determined to prove his case, Earl breaks into the plant and takes a class touring ver smallville 9x6 online dating plant hostage. As with anything in life, there can be some risks with online dating, but there can also be a lot of rewards — love being one of them.

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Clark's favorite patient is Cassandra Carver, a blind old lady that foretells the future, and who realizes that Clark is not from this world.

He kills his mother and he chooses Lana Lang to be his mate for procreation purposes. Lex arrives with the police … Description While visiting an esame udito online dating sponsored by the Luthor Corp in Metropolis, Clark Kent saves a homeless man from an out of control bus using his powerful body to stop the vehicle.

Clark again is forced to break his date with Lana to try to save Pete… Description Former Luthor Corp employee Earl Jenkins, and who also worked at the Kent farm, has an unknown disease that violently shakes all his body.

Rickman is famous because of his capacity of convincing people, but indeed he has a powerful gift of changing people's mind with his shake of hands, and he uses his new kryptonite power of persuasion against Jonathan.

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There are tons of things you can do to stay safe and still meet a genuine match. This brings up a good point. People who are serious about meeting that special someone are more than likely willing to buy a monthly subscription.

According to Marketdata Enterprises Inc. Kwan goes to the hospital. But the real culprit is Jeff who has the power to make himself invisible.

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Some free dating services are less trustworthy than the ones you have to pay for because anyone and everyone can join. But when Clark finds the motive for the petulant attitude of Whitney,… Description Bob Rickman is an evil tycoon who intends to build a highly polluting plant in Smallville, and he needs to buy Jonathan Kent's farm.

Remember rings come off, people! Jodi immediately achieves a wonderful shape, but has a huge and uncontrollable starvation and needs human body fat as the side effect, threatening whoever is closest- her next potential victim is date Pete.

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However, he mysteriously survives with the power and need of taking the heat of other people and freezing things. When Harry falls in a lake full of kryptonite nearby the institution, he becomes young again. The young Harry Volk then seeks revenge against the descendants of the members of the jury that sentenced him in the past by killing them.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent finds that he has X-ray vision, and has trouble to control his new-found power, with the support of his stepparents, as well as trying to hide it from Pete, Chloe, and Lana.

Lana takes care of Harry Bollston, an unknown former murder. Sean freezes and kills his girlfriend Jenna Barnum, and invites Chloe Sullivan to… Description Clark and Pete apply to community work in an institute for the aged to be close to Lana Lang who's also volunteering there.

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Trouble is, there is no Level 3! He arrives at the Kent farm during a party Clark throws while his parents are out of town and claims that the disease developed following an explosion at his former workplace: Principal James Kwan Hiro Kanagawa finds that seven athletes cheated in a mathematics test, and decides to punish the group by not permitting them to participate in the final game.

Meanwhile, Lana and Whitney decide to take a break in their relationship, and Clark gets close to Lana.

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Planning to attend Lana Lang's birthday party, Jodi submits herself to a radical diet: Just follow the advice below.

These are terrifying numbers, but once again, the tips in this article are here to help protect you and your loved ones and lower that number to zero.

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He has a metamorphosis, becoming a powerful insect. When Clark refuses, Phelan retaliates by framing Jonathan for a murder charge and forces Clark to steal a priceless armored vest from the Luther Corp exposition. Chloe suspects Amy is the one responsible.

But Clark's quick kinship with Kyle causes a rift between him, Lana and ….

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Instead, let them empower you. In the end, Clark saves Lana from Greg's cocoon.

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Coach Walt retaliates by burning his car, and Mr. Meanwhile, the hermit Kyle Tippet, who was the former business partner of Rickman, helps Clark and Lex against the powerful and greedy industrialist.

Level 3 of Luthor's Smallville plant which was experimenting with meteor-rock laced fertilizer. After arguing with his mother, he puts the insects in his car and has an accident on the road, and is attacked by the insects.