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Produced by Tomas Cimadevilla.

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Visuals lovingly recreate a long-lost world of polyester, tank tops, flowered wallpaper and far-fetched hairstyles, and the washed-out colors cleverly replicate what TV screenings of period pics look like 30 years on.

Harbour falls in love with Alice and soon all four of them are closely intertwined in each other's lives - and perhaps even deaths.

Somewhat wacky tale, based on real events, is kept anchored in reality through attention to detail and by first-rate central perfs. In Malaga Film Festival, competing. More Reviews Film Review: Other employees of Don Carlos leave the hotel in disgust.

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Spanish, Danish dialogue Want to read more articles like this one? The money, and being recognized by a Scandinavian porn buff in a supermarket, rep a kind of success for the couple, but they find themselves drifting apart.

Camara makes the blinking, quietly-spoken Alfredo a perfectly conceived character, particularly in his self-deceiving belief his movies are Bergmanesque. Shake It Jacob is a young man used to getting everything he wants. Thomas Skepphult runs an investment company, and is arrested for the murder of his business partner when his fingerprint is found on the murder weapon.

Cast & Crew

When in their thirties, they lose their father and inherit his second-hand bookshop. Bouncy music from Mastretta also captures period feel, but sequences featuring lurid Spanish pop tunes work best. Alice is a cleaning lady at the nearby hospital and she sells the books that the patients leave behind.

Pic, which walked off with best film, director, actor and actress awards at the recent Malaga fest, firmly establishes debuting Pablo Berger as a helmer to watch. Subscribe to Variety Today.

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Directed, written by Pablo Berger. Reviewed at Cinesa Capital, Madrid, May 6, Torremolinos 73 Spain-Denmark Production: Jacob falls in love with a girl, and not just any girl. Exit There is a thin line between money and loyalty.

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The relationship between Carmen and Alfredo comes across well, her affection for him decreasing as it becomes clear he cannot provide the child she wants. When he tries to call his lawyer, the phone is answered by someone who he thought had committed suicide years ago.

One day Alice enters the shop with her little daughter.

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Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself The good-hearted Harbour has spent his whole life trying to take care of his motherless and suicidal little brother, Wilbur.

The brothers are inseparable. The daughter Mary yearns for a home where the books don't always get sold. Other perfs are up to scratch.

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