Quote by Lydia van Houten: “Wie vecht tegen monsters, moet ervoor zorgen da” Quote by Lydia van Houten: “Wie vecht tegen monsters, moet ervoor zorgen da”

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Daarom moeten wij ervoor zorgen dat ie pas op de plaats maakt. Gasten die naar een hotel komen, doen dit niet zomaar. Suggest an example Results: Daarom moeten wij ervoor zorgen dat bijenhouders die grote aantallen bijen verliezen schadevergoeding ontvangen.

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My shop has shown considerable growth thanks to the guys at CODE. We therefore need to make sure that delegations are opened in all of those cities which are important political and economic partners.

Bovenstaand amendement zou ervoor zorgen dat dergelijke gegevens worden verzameld. We have to make sure our supply chain and sources are beyond reproach.

Central development will ensure that the process is indeed uniform, efficient and effective. Ik kan ervoor zorgen dat u bij de geboorte bent.

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Ik zal ervoor zorgen dat niemand de Thunderbird 1 fotografeert. I would highly recommend CODE to anyone! So this took some effort.

Then unlike in the past, we all better make sure that doesn't happen. Plus the guys at CODE know about what design fits my store.

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Our new website was ready just 4 weeks before the deadline and the knowledge of Shopify at Code is phenomenal. In het hotelwezen draait alles om de wensen van de gasten. First of all, we need to ensure that action is taken at home by industrialised countries. Our webshop is freshclean and the sellings have been raised.

They have been assisting us throughout the design and implementation process and we are very satisfied with their service and reponse time.

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Luckily Bob is the king of Facebook marketing. Dare Wines, Lisette Bruins Houten-plank. De Commissie en het Parlement zullen ervoor zorgen dat deze hoorzitting wordt georganiseerd. On top of this, the clear and honest communication about what is achievable in time and budget makes this collaboration one of the best I have had in years.

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Highly recommend this company if you are planning to use the Shopify platform. We wanted to change our website from Magento to Shopify and we were in a rush because we have a seasonal business.

Daarom moeten wij ervoor zorgen dat het niet bij een project blijft. Als Parlement moeten wij ervoor zorgen dat vrouwen zelf kunnen bepalen wat ze doen. I had to ensure that they took my agent with them.

It's my job to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible. DutchGrown about 1 year ago Code is a great company to work with. These amendments ensure that decisions on transfers of asylum seekers will have suspensive effect. Hence it is necessary to find a solution to compensate beekeepers who are suffering major losses of bees.

Het is voor mij vooral belangrijk dat de samenwerking goed verloopt door het enthousiasme, de betrokkenheid en het geduld waarmee alles wordt uitgelegd. They have good knowledge of the Shopify system and the best ways to deal with your requests.

The team was very engaged and we managed to launch the site prior to the deadline. We knew that Dutch people are not used to buy plants on the internet, because every supermarket and gas station also sells flowers and plants.

Je zal ervoor zorgen dat hij danst.