10 Best free alternatives to Virtual Audio Streaming 10 Best free alternatives to Virtual Audio Streaming

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The audio can be streamed to other applications or the real sound card. Also, it features an intuitive interface that can be also used by beginners. For example, you may want to record Skype meetings and broadcast them using a messenger application, so more people can participate at them.

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He has graduated from the Computer Science Faculty and he learned a lot about programming and Information Technology. It's very useful for streaming sound to applications that don't have this functions.

Configure device settings In addition, it is possible to select the real microphone from a drop-down list and customize audio settings pertaining to buffering, sample rate, bits per sample and channel mode.

Or maybe you want to record a beautiful song from a radio stream. It is very responsive to commands and works well, without triggering Windows to hang, crash or pop up error messages. You can start a recording session echinacities dating games one click after specifying the saving directory, as well as open the location without leaving the app's interface.

The interface is practical and easy to use even by a beginner.

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As far as driver options are concerned, you can ask Virtual Audio Streaming to draw the audio wave and run at every Windows startup until further notice, adjust the speaker and microphone levels, as well as set the value of the internal buffers.

It includes three sections, one for configuring the input sound, one for displaying the status of the virtual soundcard in real-time and one for configuring the output sounds.

Easy-to-use interface The interface is made from a regular window with a plain and simple structure, where you can get audio from your computer by setting the app as the default sound playback device.

Virtual Audio Streaming is a great application for recording and broadcasting sound using various sources. For all this there's Virtual Audio Streaming.

10 Best free alternatives to Virtual Audio Streaming 2018

It's basically a software that acts like a virtual soundcard and can record audio from virtually any application and can broadcast it to other programs. Based on the user interface, features and complexity, Findmysoft has rated Virtual Audio Streaming 4 out of 5 stars, naming it Excellent Sponsored Links.

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Supported full audio formats, from 40KHz to KHz, 8bits to 24bits Fixed a major bug in sound recording, which sometimes caused the wav header unreadable for some audio players Create recording files with a time based unique name Improved driver performance Virtual Audio Streaming was reviewed by Elena Opris 3.

The program adds a new entry in the list of soundcards installed into Windows and the user should select it in order to allow the software to capture sound. The interface of Virtual Audio Streaming supports various skins and colors and the program also allows running and recording sound from the system tray for not cluttering the desktop or interfering with the user's work.

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Review by Jerome Johnston on 13 Feb, There are times when you need to record the sound coming from certain applications but, unfortunately, those programs don't allow this. It supports every version of Windows.

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It is easy to install and configure. At this point, the user just needs to play the preferred track or speak using the microphone and Virtual Audio Streaming will intercept any sound from any source.


Virtual Audio Streaming installs very quickly and only requires a soundcard and a peer of speakers to function. You can download Virtual Audio Streaming free here. All in all, Virtual Audio Streaming can come in handy to all users looking to enhance their sound card's capabilities.

Besides that, Virtual Audio Streaming adds a new entry to the list of recording devices which should also be selected. The captured sound can be recorded as an audio file or can be transmitted to the recording device and broadcast to any preferred application.

Advanced users might want more complex features.