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After tweaking the settings a bit, what surprised me the most was the robustness of it. Push and pull yourself through the environment before the station is destroyed.

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Check out 12 3D Jam games that let you escape several! Your goal is to eliminate competing AI by shooting their towers and getting them to fall off. Dive into an extraordinarily interactive sci-fi world, complete with buttons, levers, hammers, sanders and laser cutters.

The latest version includes online match mode, so you can prove your worth against fellow humans! C0NFL1CT In a distant future, scattered across time and space, semi-digitized human beings fight for the last vital resource — processing power.

No two missions are ever the same, as the grid, firewalls, and viruses are procedurally generated each time. He completed Spiders of Mars in only 8 days. A mobile developerDustin has also worked as a character animator in Hollywood for the last 15 years.

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Windows, Mac, Linux Spiders of Mars A mix of old-school gaming think Tempest and Space Invaders and cutting-edge controls, Spiders of Mars is loveawake dating site endless shooter where you square off against an ever-increasing horde of robot spiders.

I was a complete novice starting out. C0NFL1CT is a turn-based virtual reality game prototype that adds a new dimension to classic chess-like gameplay, including new tactical possibilities. Windows, Oculus Rift Equator Hights An intense sci-fi version of Simon Says, Equator Hights throws you into deep space, where you must single-handedly rescue your mission by destroying your space station.

In zero gravity, walking is pretty much impossible. In this universe, dance is the ultimate source of renewable energy, and your hands are in the groove. Mobius is a fast-paced retro arcade game where you shoot down enemies at lightning speed.

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Windows, Oculus Rift Alex is the head writer and blog editor at Leap Motion, where he stands as the final bulwark against bad grammar. C0NFL1CT features a natural movement locomotion system that did not induce motion sickness and lets the player move in any direction, while requiring only 4 square meters of free space and the Oculus Rift DK2 headset.

The Operator can see which modules are broken and where the station resources lie. Blast them away with nerves of steel and quick reflexes!

In college, I ended up studying electrical engineering.

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Want to share your Leap Motion project? You can check out his work on his blog and 3D printer Shapeways shop. I jumped in without knowing anyone or anything about game development. The result felt more natural because the interaction was a 1-to-1 match.

When the battle begins, each AI is given a tower to stand on.

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Windows The Courier Neither snow nor rain… nor firewall nor deadly computer viruses? Share Tweet LinkedIn Outer space might be the final frontier — but there are many more frontiers lurking in our imagination.

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Ina friend of mine told me I should try a global game jam…. You can also protect against attacks with force fields. Windows, Oculus Rift Spaceship Repair Your spaceship has been severely damaged, and the clock is ticking! A Zero-G Adventure puts you in the spacesuit of an astronaut trying to escape a dying space station.

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In the professional world, programming became a big part of my everyday life. A Zero-G Adventure Our love of exploding space stations continues!

Like many indie developers, Thunder Egg Concepts thundereggco is built on a lifelong love of games. Repair your ship in this fast-paced puzzle game by replacing broken parts within 90 seconds, or your ship will… explode!

Rack up epic high scores with consecutive kills and dodge incoming attacks. Grab hold of your digi-cycle to ride through the grid, solve firewall puzzles with hand gestures and data orbs, and take down dangerous viruses with your antiviral powers.