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Routines for Introducing and Exploring Ideas 2.

Visible Thinking Routines

Always respectful Where have I been all your life? Unless it's a dic pic I like to go out. Nevertheless, Monday came, the Festival was on Friday, and I wanted to teach my third graders as much as I could about Shakespeare in four days.

I am sure that this impacts student learning because of the way my students OWN their learning. Looking for real love. Shakespeare's quote sums up open inquiry for me My inclination, my go-to, was to teach my heart out with books, skits, videos, and passion in my voice.

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Headlines makes for a great bulletin board that allows other classes, teachers, and parents to see what your students are studying. I like to have my students write their final headline on a sentence strip to then hang on a bulletin board.

So sweat over it a little bit.

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Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow. It can be used as a follow-up after reading a book, completing a unit, and finishing an individual lesson or activity.

It is important to allow your students to share their headlines in order to promote additional understandings within your class.

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How does it differ from what you would have said yesterday? Then move on to the more important bits.

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But this year, with our study into inquiry, although I did provide background knowledge for two days, on the third and fourth days I opened the study up to inquiry.

We can focus on what works instead. Through reflective thinking and discourse, deeper understanding of the topic or subject should increase.

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Because they don't usually make the first move. What are you still unsure about? Beginning at Harvard's Project Zero, Visible Thinking is a research-based approach to teaching students' thinking skills. The goal is for the students to decide what is most important about a topic they have been studying and to incorporate the big idea s into their headline.

There is a quote from the book, Collaboration and Comprehension: And even then, you aren't likely to pop up in many women's searches. My personal question was, "Would inquiry provide the understanding and hunger for knowledge that a longer unit was capable of providing?

Resources For Teaching Students How To Think Symbolically With Color

Let's take a look at how to do it in a classy, funny way. This routine works especially well at the end of a class discussion or session in which students have explored a topic and gathered a fair amount of new information or opinions about it.

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I continue to be unsure about weaving the standards into inquiry, so I need to: Doing it this way allows us to write headlines for dating sites with as little guesswork as possible.

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What kind of thinking does this routine encourage? Why do we still learn about him? Have the students write a headline for this concept that encompasses the significance of this topic. To learn more about how I got started using Making Thinking Visible, read the first article in this professional development series.

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The book Making Thinking Visible: They write them as part of their job.