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Vizify said it has been in talks with Yahoo since last summer "about the ways this more visual approach to data can inspire and entertain. As part of the deal, Yahoo will shut down Vizifyso the company is no longer accepting new signups or purchases of paid plans.

As such, we're not surprised to find out that the company has made yet another acquisition: Users who hold a current paid plan with the company will get a full refund for everything paid to Vizify. In a statement on its website, Vizify said its goal was to transform "information that we all consume and vizify yahoo dating every day into something more beautiful and personal" - which it has done through graphical bios, infographic cards, and videos.

Yahoo buys Vizify, firm that visualizes social-media data

Yahoo's new purchase, a startup based in Portland, Ore. But for now, to make the transition process easier on you, we're taking a few extra steps: For Premium customers who registered a domain through Vizify like your-name. As part of its transition to Yahoo, the company will not allow sign-ups or purchase of paid plans.

Last year, the company also unveiled Vizcards, which were essentially bite-sized infographics all about you, whether you were telling the world how much caffeine you consumed that day or what your first concert was.

For all bioholders, free and paid, we'll be providing a way for you to opt-in to "archive" a snapshot of your current bio that will remain live bonis latino dating the same URL through September 4, Most recently, Vizify's tech could be found powering Twitter tool FollowMewhich mashes up pics, tweets and Vines to make a short highlight reel for users.

Yahoo, however, remained mysterious about its plans, but Vizify hinted that it will help provide a more "visual approach. However, the terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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What do I need to do? We have a lot more up our sleeves and can't wait to get started," per Vizify. On Wednesday, March 5, Vizify announced that it has been acquired by Yahoo. Additionally, premium customers "who registered a domain through Vizify like your-name.

What does this mean for me? Neither outfit disclosed financial terms of the acquisition, but Vizify did send out an email to its users about what to expect going forward, which you can find after the break. The idea being that, at a glance, other people could see what they would gain by following you on the microblogging network.

Naturally, with social sites like Tumblr and Qwiki already a part of Yahoo, it's easy to see why there was interest in Vizify -- and chances are Mayer isn't quite done yet. For those of you with a current paid plan, we'll be issuing a full refund for everything you've paid Vizify.

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Vizify will issue refunds to plan holders and send instructions to those who have registered domains or created bios for how to regain that domain or get a "snapshot" of their bios that will be available until 1 September. This will remain live at the same URL until September 4th this year.

Moreover, Vizify's five-member team will be joining Yahoo's media product group in San Francisco. As part of our transition to Yahoo, we will no longer be allowing new signups or purchases of paid plans. Yahoo has picked up yet another company: And in September, it rolled out Vizify Connections, which let you create an animated, interactive graphic of your Twitter network, including those in your inner circle, topics you tweet about most, and how your relationships on the site have changed over time.

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So what does the acquisition by Yahoo mean for Vizify users? As an existing Vizify account holder, look for an email in the coming weeks with more details. We will also be sunsetting the Vizify service.


With Vizify in its kitty, Yahoo will be able to strengthen its presence in the search space further, which will help fend off competition from arch-rival Google. Vizify was founded in and is based in Portland, Orgeon.

Why did Yahoo buy Vizify? You'll be getting an additional email from us next week with steps you'll need to take. So why is Yahoo on an acquisition spree and added Vizify to its kitty? In the meantime, see our FAQ.

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