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Vote for bigg boss 6 contestants online dating, the rules for participants of bigg boss 2 telugu

Week 7* Bigg Boss Telugu Voting - Bigg Boss Telugu

The number of votes we list here are may not be accurate. Every week from Monday to Friday. The Bigg Boss of the house call each contestants to this room and ask them whom they willing to nominate for the week nomination.

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Ananth was Eliminated on the 21st Day. This is the Elimination day where shariq was Eliminated.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online - Star Maa Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Missed Call Voting, Elimination List

She is under Unnikrishnan and Swetha team. Ramya was Eliminated Week 6: Sometimes the contestant who is not able to adjust to the situations in the Bigg Boss House may walk out due to various reasons. Kamal e-posta alma indir kaydol yahoo dating to the contestants one by one and here comes about the Most important controversies of the week i.

They are simply creating disinterest among the audience. In Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, Bharani is cornered by other contestants and he tried to escape from the house by climbing over the protected compound of the Bigg Boss Tamil set which is construced in EVP theme park.

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil | Season 2 Online Voting Tamil

Below is the image with accurate voting time. The online polling of Big Boss Tamil happens every week from Monday to Friday, the results are then collected by Vijay TV and the candidate to be eliminated is decided. The remaining participants can continue their stay at the Bigg Boss house.

After a Little Convo to the Housemates regarding Her daughters, he came back to elimination where a small clipping of Saturday Night was played. Based on the total count of the vote cast from Google, the further process will happen.

Then why did he drama in front camera. In this hall, every week, the host Kamal Haasan meet the housemates though video conferencing in the telivision placed in the main hall.

One of the notable character is, she played as actress in the film Siva Manasula Sakthi. Contestants are not allowed to sleep in the daytime. She, along with her husband, started performing in functions near her hometown.

His inaugural performance was appreciated by the judges but he failed to impress the judges in the first competitive round.

She is a well-known Tamil Actress from Bengal.

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Will elimination happen all weeks? Ramya and Vaishnavi asked Daniel to use his Power and to jail Balaji.

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The Viewer hereby agree to indemnify SIPL, the Channel, its officers, directors, representatives, and employees, from and against any claims that may arise from their acts or omissions while participating in the Voting Mechanism.

This Process is not used by many and was an old school Process.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote (Online Voting) Season 2 - Missed Call Numbers

He, along with his wife, is contesting in the Super Singer Season 6. Kamal sir pls take action on aishwarya. Every week, the Shortlisted Participant with the lowest number of votes gets eliminated from the Program and other remaining Participants will be eligible to continue in the house, in accordance with the format of the Program.

It is further clarified that the elimination is purely based on the average of votes received through the Voting Mechanism, as set out herein. Mamathi and Mumtaz were Close Friends.

Week 8 Episode Hailing from Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, she is one among the participant of bigg boss 2. Here the number of votes people cast for their housemates in the week.

Thatswhy they behave in this manner. Bigg Boss Telugu Rules The contestants are not entitled to go out once they have entered the home.

Super Singer Season 6 Winners

She featured in some prominent telugu films includingHormones, Maaya and more. His childhood Friend, Producer Alagiri helped him in the initial days to get featured in films.

Born Actor who acts in Tamil movies in comedian roles. To vote any contestant, just give a missed call to the mobile numbers disclosed here.

Bigg Boss Vote Tamil (Online Voting) Season 2 | Missed Call & Elimination Details

Rajalakshmi Super Singer 6 Rajalakshmi and Her Husband Senthil Rajalakshmi is one of the contestants who will give a tougher competition this season. Rubinisri August 1, Nowdays Bigg boss going like unrespectful for contestant and viewers too.

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His performance as a young criminal in Moodar Koodam bagged him a lot of Chances in Tamil Industry and also got some fan base as well. Most of my friends also agree with her attitude.

Bigg Boss Malayalam – Voting Process

The shorter version of a day will be edited and telecasted in television. She did every task with well. The eighth contestant of Bigg Boss 2. U think if u get power u can do anything ah. In his first competitive round, He contested against Keshav Vinod and lost the battle.