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Swayam and Sharon decide to keep their relationship a secret. Among romantic scenes, the proposal one.

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The D3 team has become her family now. S and The Big Bang Theory! Sharon suffers from asthma and due to this she distances herself from Swayam. She loves sleeping and sleeps in her leisure hours in between the shots as well! Apart from dance, which is her biggest passion, the actress Vrushika also likes to sketch.

Among the twelve dance crews that participated in the competition, Desi Hoppers came 3rd in the showcase rankings and were a part of top 4 finalists that advanced for the face-off round. Asha Vrushika Mehta was born on 18th February in the year in Ahmedabad. I really hope to always live up to this status.

They also scored an impressive 96 to qualify for the next round which was vrushika mehta and shantanu dating after divorce the highest score in round one. It feels awesome to be known as a youth icon.

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Babies Shantanu Maheshwari Girlfriend: When she returns from Delhi, she turns a cold shoulder towards Swayam and also breaks up with him.

Swayam is left disheartened at this but still he tries to find the reason behind the breakup. One for the first ever Bollywood theme park in Dubai which opened in October Currently, Shantanu is in his final year. Earcuffs are my favourite. He was not much interested in dancing before joining HR College but now he has trained in various insignia tv hook up wii to samsung forms ranging from folks to hip hop.

In this show he is paired opposite actress Sneha Kapoor who plays the role of Sharon. She waits for her part to come and gets very happy when it comes. When Swayam fell in love with Sharon, it was one-sided — she being a diva and he a nerd. The fabulous dancer shares some of his pasand — ita — things as well his fashion fundas with his fans: This makes them come closer but when he finally musters the courage to ask her out, she rejects it.

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All the appreciation is overwhelming. The young actor aspired to become a Chartered Accountant CA at one point of time. My first crush was Hrithik Roshan and still is.

He is a very shy and an extremely introverted guy being intelligent and mature at the same time.

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He was the most consistent performer and was in the danger zone for the least number of times. He portrays the role of an outstanding dancer named Swayam Shekhawat.

The one where I had performed as Shammi Kapoor, that was a lot of fun. She was sceptical whether she would be able to match up to the level that was already established. Swayam is head over heels in love with the college diva Sharon Rai Prakash played by hottie Sneha Kapoor now replaced by Vrushika Mehta who belongs to the Dazzler dance team whereas he himself belongs to the opponent team — the Weaklings.

How does it feel to be a youth icon? Early life[ edit ] Maheshwari was born on 7 March in KolkataIndia. At the age of 22, he can barely take care of himself; let alone of someone else!

He attends St Louis College, Mumbai. But the friendship makes Sharon move away from Swayam even more. The teen dance based youth TV series is basically a journey about college students who are passionate about dancing along with the characters going through several emotions including friendship and love!

Published Nov 9,3: People you are closest to? And then the chai date scene, which is my favourite. The Weaklings face strong resistance from the Dazzlers but after the Footloose competition, the two teams end up becoming friends!

Vrushika, who is in the second year of B. Rapid fire round what do you associate with the following words? Along with his dance crew Desi HoppersMaheshwari was invited to perform an exhibition act at the World of Dance finals in Los Angeles.

Yes, girls are crazy about the lovable actor. On the other hand, Sharon is left heartbroken after misunderstandings are created by a guy named Shivam.

As is the norm for these much loved telly couples to have a nickname given to them by their fans, these two are better known as SwaRon. While acting had never been on the cards for her, fate certainly had different plans in store!

Vrushika Mehta and Shantanu Maheshwari Receive Gifts from Fans

Swayam is constantly being rebuffed by Sharon but in spite of that he crazy about her. And lastly, regarding Sneha, he says that she is one of his closest friends and there is nothing more than friendship between the two! Watching lots of movies, splurging on shoes and eating a lot of vegetarian food.

It would first be the official proposal scene, which did finally bring Swayam and Sharon together. The two become a couple again.

Sharon starts developing a soft corner towards Swayam and despite the initial refusal, she accepts his proposal. He rose to fame by essaying the role of the lead character, Swayam Shekhawat during the four-year run of the show.

Swayam therefore decides to forget her and starts behaving coldly with her. Com, was initially a bit nervous about replacing actress Sneha Kapoor for the role of Sharon.