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It will save you some headache if you get your new unit hooked up and find that one of your speakers suddenly isn't working. Then when you've found one, get yourself a fuse tap, and hook up a length of wire to run to your harness.

Connecting Wires This is often a topic of debate, which at this point in time, I have no interest in getting into, but I will offer my opinion Which fuse position you use will vary depending on your vehicle and what options you have installed, so using a test light or multimeter, just go through one by one and vw antenna adapter hook up one that turns on and off with the key Ideally 10 or 15 amp.

Make sure you secure your wire away from the steering column or tilt mechanism. Crazy what you learn when you don't throw those papers out hey?

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Zapping yourself while installing a deck won't kill you, but it doesn't feel good either, and you can always screw up other things in your car, so just don't be an idiot, mmmmkay? If you do this, just make sure you leave as much extra as possible, just in case you screw up, or decided to re-install your head unit in a different vehicle.

Identify and examine the power adapter cord and the coaxial antenna cable for any rips tears or other defects. A credit card will work in a pinch though you might break itbut please, for the love of god, don't use a flat screwdriver or those little metal picks to do this.

The harness in an aftermarket head unit will usually have wires of vw antenna adapter hook up lengths, I like to cut those all to the same length, just to keep everything neat flirt with me but not enough tidy.

I'll never argue with someone who wants to solder their wires together, but for this kind of work, it's simply not necessary.

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So, if you're going to solder, then by all means do it, just make sure you twist your wires together, heat them properly, then either heat shrink or tape them afterwards. Tape your wire to the end of whatever you're using, and use that to help you get your wire to the radio cavity.

WIRING First off, any intructions you read will tell you to disconnect your negative battery terminal before doing any electrical work on your vehicle, so I'll do the same Fuse Box - Probably the easiest. In fact, as of June TV stations are doing away with analog signals.

I went the route of just using a basic harness, so if you're using one of the interfaces listed previously, obviously things will look a little different. You can also go to Metra's site and they have a pdf for all of their mounting kits. Remeber, brown is ground ; Steering Column - Not many people use this one, simply because it's a pain in the ass to access.

If you're connecting an amplifier for your speakers, you'll hook things up completely differently, but that's a whole other thread: I've never used any of these, so I can't confirm anything.

But this seems to be the part that causes the most problems for people, so just make sure you double check everthing, or worst case, just pay an installer to do it. Then I like to secure it to the factory radio harness so I don't lose it afterwards.

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But please people, do one or the other. You will know that you are receiving digital signals because the picture will be clear and free of any analog "snow" or other artifacts. Check out this thread courtesy of JetTurbo for more details on that: Prepping the Harness Do this outside of the vehicle, it'll make life a lot easier.

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Last edited by Azzurri; at I was able to find a spot on the fuse panel that was unused Step Plug the antenna's power supply into a V AC wall outlet. But this is also handy if you're adding on other accessories like a radar detector, GPS unit, or anything that you want to turn on with the key.

In major metropolitan areas, you can receive full high-definition Dolby Digital 5.

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Rather than go through step by step instructions and pictures, I'll just post the link to a video of the removal process. I've seen tutorials and videos in the past where people did this, or took a screwdriver and wrapped tape or toilet paper around the end.

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Step Plug the adapter into the antenna's power adapter socket. Step Turn on the TV and check for digital reception.

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You'll probably have some extra wires that don't get used on both the car side, and the head unit side, so when that happens, just pop a butt connector on them, or trim them then tape them up. It's a real bitch to find out once the job is all done that you left something in there you want to listen to.

Just get something flat and they should push straight out. This is also where you'll need your fishing wire.

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Place the antenna on a sturdy surface such as the top of an entertainment center. In addition to these, apparently the blue wire is your key sense wire, which will give you power as soon as the key is in the ignition, but again, you'll have to investigate that yourself.

Plus I've seen more connections fail due to poor soldering than I have from improperly crimped connectors.