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Ghazi-Barotha Hydropower Project

The latter obviously involves riparian rights which have been completely ignored in the case of Ghazi Barotha. Only 6 km distant from Skardu is Sadpara Reservoir, accessible by road. The second group is the political leaders of Punjab; since the issue has turned out be a war between Sindh and Punjab, so by favouring the construction of Dam, Punjabi politicians can maintain their vote-bank.

The dam was named from the former Khanpur village, which was submerged by the reservoir, so a new Khanpur town has been built downstream of the Dam. It has a pleasant landscape and walkways wapda ghazi barotha tenders dating the lake among eruptions of black rocks.

It is also possible to have no power generation from Tarbela. Currently, the project is operated to divert most of the low flow into the power channel, leaving very little water in the river downstream of the barrage, which is negligible compared to pre-project flows.

Pakistan's cold water fisheries and trout farming sector study: The project as currently executed cuts off almost the entire downstream water flow below the proposed barrage for seven months during the year, reducing the flow in this reach of the river to less than 10 per cent of the water in the river during the low flow season.

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Historically, life of the people in the area has been inextricably tied to the river. In addition to its streams and rivers, the Northern Areas have cold, clear-water lakes, most of which can support trout if stocked. Coldwater fish culture in Azad Kashmir and in Northern Areas. Riparian rights or rights of people to access and use of a natural watercourse is the basis on which Pakistan claims water from the upstream India.

The only reason why President Pervaiz Musharaf favours Kalabhgh dam is because he needs the support of Punjab to sustain his dictatorship in the country.

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Low-head power generation, fish farming, forest development, and tourism are just some of the areas that could yield billions of rupees for the residents of the region.

Similarly, the planned average water release during the lean days from the barrage will be only 7 per cent of the existing average flow. The tussle over fresh water resources is easyflirt recensioni losteria the long should you wait start dating after break up of many conflicts across the world.

The retaining wall has sixty-six spans, wapda ghazi barotha tenders dating 60 feet wide; each span has a gate which weighs 50 tons. Dislocation and resettlement problems are also very small, only dwellings had to be relocated to 3 villages constructed by WAPDA nearby.

It was recommended that this farm be used for on-growing of rainbow yearlings to market size, and as a subsidiary store for broodstock in the Gilgit area. Fisheries profile, feasible sites for trout culture and an overall sectoral development perspective.

Over 24, waterbirds were present in mid-Januaryincluding: Even political parties of Sindh that are in the central cabinet and are supported by General Musharraf, such as the MQM, have strongly denounced the dam.

While proponents point to the benefits, the adverse factors have been played up by the opponents of the dam.

It forms Khanpur Lake, a reservoir which supplies drinking water to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and irrigation water to many of the agricultural and industrial areas surrounding the cities.

The rare marbled teal Marmaronetta angustirostris is a regular passage migrant and winter visitor in small numbers. At times when irrigation requirement is low, water flow through the channel is low and so is the power generation. Now, the much dreaded diversion of the river is a reality, and the conflict threatens to spillover to the courts, potentially miring the project in endless litigation.

The agricultural yield was very low for a number of reasons, the most important being a lack of water during critical growing periods. Due to the apathy of the wildlife department, these guest birds are ruthlessly killed by poachers.


The location of these villages is a reflection of the previous capacity of the river to flood and not of the irrelevance of the river water to the lives of the people.

Rainbows have also been stocked but it is not clear whether these have formed self-sustaining populations. A new, smaller hydroelectric power project has been developed downstream known as the Ghazi Barotha Hydel Power Project. Therefore, claiming the construction of dams, Tarbela and Mangla and now KBD actions of theft of water at the irrigation cost of Sindh.

The dam project is a highly controversial and has been so since its inception. Reflecting this and variations in the natural inflow into Tarbela, there is a strong seasonal fluctuation in the flow of the river downstream of Tarbela.

The barrage, located upstream of the Ghazi, impounds a pond, water from which passes through a headworks structure into an open water channel with a capacity of cumecs.

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An engineer told this correspondent that the name of Namal Dam still exists on the list of dams in the world. Above all, they have relished the sheer pleasure of living on the banks of a large clean river like their ancestors did for thousands of years before them.

Fish and fisheries of Loralai District.

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Strategists predict that during the 21st century, control over fresh water resources will be more important than the control over oil resources. The fishing is regulated by licensing, but poaching using gill nets also takes place.

This problem stemmed from the seasonal variations in the river flow and the absence of storage reservoirs to conserve the vast amounts of surplus water during periods of high river discharge. The dam was damaged partially during an Indian Air Force bombing in the Indo-Pakistani War of when the hydel project was hit by the bombs.

Kaulot hatchery is close to the town of Gilgit and is situated on the Kargah River. After passing through the powerhouse, the water is returned to the Indus.

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Species include Olea ferruginea, Acacia modesta, A. With a reservoir capacity of 11, acre-feet There is danger that the effect on human consumptive and non-consumptive use of water may be under-estimated since many villages on the banks are located some distance from the low-flow water.

It is the most cost-effective power facility in Pakistan at this time and remains valid in retrospect due to the extremely favourable power generation costs in comparison with thermal power stations.

The fact that the General literally dragged so controversial an issue off the backburner and thrust it into national centre stage without considering the predictable reactions from the smaller provinces has left many aghast.

According to Mirza and Naikin the s mahseer was a very common fish, growing up to cm length. Like a curse on the land, the unimaginable loss of a natural river of the size of Indus, has unleashed crippling hardship and misery for the affected people.

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There are many obvious negative effects which are identifiable and quantifiable. Suddenly, this irreplaceable heritage of the people has been terminated as a result of a rectifiable flaw in the design of a hydropower project stubbornly pursued by an intransigent bureaucracy and project managers.

The Mangla Dam was the first development project undertaken to reduce this shortcoming and strengthen the irrigation system. Environmental aspects[ edit ] The project has negligible impact on existing groundwater table or quality of water due to complete length of the power channel being concrete-based.

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Looking ahead, existing new technologies have transformed the manner in which local communities and individuals can benefit from the water resources, over which they exercise property rights. Construction began inand was completed in at a cost of Rs. This brings us to the most outstanding feature of this project is that it will provide power peaking capacity throughout the year with full power generation.

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It has a bottom width of It is planned to irrigate aboutacres of land. In summer there were nine registered private trout farms in NWFP, with a total capacity of 40 t.

The effect on water quality is related to two aspects of the flow in the Indus.