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Booking is simple and quick. Get some help from HouseJoy and save yourself the trouble of trying to do it on your own.

Bathroom cabinet with wash basin

They can fix any problem and are equipped with the best products and tools to get the job done. Wire This design is basically a classic wash basin, although the materials were sort of minimized with intertwining the body of the wash basin to give it elegance and a unique touch which also makes the material lighter than normal.

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You can even get a bathroom water filter installed to help reduce the salts present in hard water. The cleaning team will scrub and sanitize every inch of the bathroom for you.

Did you know that HouseJoy cares deeply for its customers? You just need to visit one place online - HouseJoy. The plumbing crew from HouseJoy caters to tom brady dating, businesses and offices all over the big city of bangalore.

Tap, Wash Basin And Sink

The app makes it easy to book different kinds of services on the go. Are you redoing the kitchen or bathroom?

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But hey, have you imagined how your wash basin would look like? But of course that does mean unique and good looking wash basins that are affordable is not available for our dream bathrooms right?

HouseJoy understands that offices and businesses can have trouble with leaky pipes and clogged toilets, resulting in unhappy customers or employees.

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So visit HouseJoy today and make a booking for all you and your home need help adam zammit dating. Some bathrooms have terribly outdated toilets and sinks, while others are broken beyond repair.

This unique wash basin come in gret, sand, red and even ochre. HouseJoy has the answer for all your home needs. You can either login to HouseJoy from your laptop or download the mobile app from the App Store. Have you ever thought that wash basins actually come in a variety of looks that would really entice us?

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This design also is powered with LED lights. Name it, and the manufacturers would sure be able to create one just for you. Either way you can do it from the comfort of your home or office, and be assured that HouseJoy will take care of it.

HouseJoy is your one-stop shop for all your home needs in bangalore. Save your valuable time and energy by making all your bookings with HouseJoy.


You can relax on your couch and watch something on Netflix while the plumbing experts fix things for you. This rare beauty sure looks regal with its red tilework on the background. This special assistant can even visit your home for an inspection and diagnose the various services you need to make it feel clean and cozy.

HouseJoy offers a variety of home cleaning services and home care services.

Bathroom sanitary ware black wash basin price in india

Below are pictures for you to choose from. What would be the color, the shape, the material, and who may be even the designer? The plumbing professionals know how to install and remove various brands and designs of toilets and sinks. This is especially useful if a leaky pipe or clog has made a mess in your home.

Stalactite Olga Krysukova Stalactites are popular for people who are fond of visiting caves, but for those who are not — here is one heck of a wash basin that resembles a stalactite. Get help before you get flushed down the drain.

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They take care of all things plumbing-related. You can book doorstep plumbing services in bangalore at HouseJoy. This colorful set will be great for people who has restaurants or food establishments or for anyone who likes colorful items for their homes.

Instead of saving a dozen names and numbers for various services. Installing such a filter is an investment that will help you look and feel better after your shower or bath. Some have trouble with such salts as it can dry out your skin and hair.

How to choose this product

Kitchen deep cleaning will have counter tops, the sink and the floor looking new. If you think your bathroom or kitchen could use some extra love and care, you can also make a booking for deep bathroom cleaning services or deep kitchen cleaning services at HouseJoy.

Cup Appoggio This cup like wash basin was created as tribute to a regular coffee cup with its handle serving as a towel holder. Registration takes only a few minutes and the booking needs only a few clicks. So hurry and make your booking with HouseJoy from the comfort of your home. The unique designs that we have presented today surely charmed us with how they would possibly go with our very own bathrooms.

Deep cleaning not only helps your home look clean but also renews and sanitizes it.

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Or are you having a laundry room constructed? The team at HouseJoy can source it for you and you can pay for it later. Abisko Abisko became popular when Eumar and WeThink collaborated in April to create a new bathroom collection.

They provide carpentry services, home plumbing services, pest control services, house painting services, electrical repair services and more.

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Clogged pipes in the kitchen and smelly toilets in the bathroom are a nuisance, and definitely not worth getting your hands dirty for. The team at HouseJoy is experienced in fixing leaks and clogs in homes across bangalore and other major cities in the country.

These servicemen are courteous, trained and certified for plumbing services. Keep everyone happy by booking professional plumbing services for bangalore at HouseJoy.

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So, speaking of bathrooms, whenever it is being discussed, it is usually the tub or the shower that comes to mind. Let see them one by one. Specially-made wash basins usually cost a fortune, that is why users just choose whatever are at the shops.