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The tragedy of his mother's life comes full circle and he becomes the wretched hero of the same watch queen deokman online dating.

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He will crash and burn, and his end will be tragic and glorious. She is extremely devoted to her husband. It added to the tension and excitement of the drama! However, all in all, I think this was a great historical drama that left a deep impression on me.

I just think that they could have ended it better.

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Jung Woong-in as Misaeng Mishil's younger brother; the 10th leader of Hwarang warriors. Her princess status was not restored until the Queen Mother had forgiven her. He also took care of Bidam, per request of King Jinji. She "died" once in the desert trying to save Deokman.

I didn't really like the characters that were paired with her.

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Along with Yushin, he is with Deokman until her final days. However, he is killed because of Misil. I know the number of episodes was actually extended from its original plan but somehow the ending felt a little rushed and it seemed like there were missing scenes that should have been shown.

In her early days, Misil tried to murder Maya after Maya witnessed the Hwarang putting makeup on their faces. I think this was the only series wherein Flirtymob forgot pin bank liked all the characters even the antagonists!!

He was originally named heir after Princess Cheonmyeong's three younger siblings die because of the prophecyand he goes out to war to prove himself.

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I only have two complaints for this drama though; first was the romance side of it. He does everything he can to protect the royal house, even if it meant trying to kill Deokman.

Along with Misil, Seolwon, and Sadaham, they were the people who King Jinheung trusted the most during his era. She brought Deokman to the desert and raised her there, until Chilsuk found them. Park Ji-bin as young Bidam The glorious downfall of a tragic hero: Misil then tried to take Maya's place as queen, however, Munno saved Maya, and her twins, from falling to her death.

He was a pungwolju prior to Hojaeand later served on the hwabaek council.


He is later killed by Yeomjeong while compiling the Geographical Survey of the Three Kingdoms, after Yeomjeong learns that he planned to give the books to Yushin. He remains loyal to the royal house and becomes Deokman's ally later on. Plus, the soundtrack is good!

This precocious genius will find his own footing alongside Deokman, Yusin and Bidam, and gain power in his own way.

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This series began with Misil's age, continues through Deokman's age, and will end at the start of Chunchu's age. I didn't hate them, I just found myself rooting for an alcheon x deokman pairing all throughout even though I very well knew that it wouldn't happen.

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He was a weak king. He is loved then hated, he gains power only to lose it, he earns the trust of people and then loses that trust.

My 2nd complaint was the ending. He helps rescue young Princess Deokman from the palace to protect the royal house. She dies a second time in an attempt to protect Deokman also. He is later stripped of his titles by King Jinpyeong. Ultimately he will be the one to uphold the dream that began with the late King Jijeung and unify the Three Kingdoms.

Ultimately he gains nothing he desires - not a place in history, Silla nor Deokman - and ends up forgotten by history, recorded only as the instigator of a mutiny. He is of Gaya descent, and on the hwabaek council.

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He was initially cold and looked down on Kim Yushin and the Yonghwa Hyangdo. Deokman earns his respect during war with Baekje, and then his loyalty later on. He is Yushin's war comrade and close friend. Anyway, I'm just in the minority so you might actually like the love story part of it since most people do.

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He was placed on the throne after Misil dethroned King Jinji. She had eloped with Kim Seohyeon in her younger days. Almost all of the main characters were so smart and wise that it was so entertaining to watch their political wars and power struggles especially Deokman's and Mishil's fight for the throne.

Bidam inherits the life of Misil, and their story comes to an end.