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The Train (1964)

Noteworthy tracking shots include: The Train is a Thriller movie and the approximate length of the movie is minutes. Please note we only list LEGAL streams and rentals for this movie and a rent or purchase fee may apply.

The production was shut down briefly while the script was rewritten, and the budget doubled.

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Identifiable locomotives include Colonel von Waldheim was originally to engage Labiche in a shootout at the film's climax, but after Paul Scofield was cast in the role, at Lancaster's suggestion Frankenheimer re-wrote the scene to provide Scofield a more suitable end—taunting Labiche into killing him.

Planned route from Metz to Germany: He demanded and got the following: The sequence in which Labiche is shot and wounded by German soldiers while fleeing across a pedestrian bridge was necessitated by a knee injury Lancaster suffered during filming - he stepped in a hole while playing golf, spraining his knee so severely that he could not walk without limping.

I think the black and dating vs relationship reddit adds tremendously to the movie. In the crash scene, an ancient "Bourbonnais" type Frankenheimer remarked on the DVD commentary, "Incidentally, I think this is the last big action picture ever made in black and white, and personally I am so grateful that it is in black and white.

Much of the film is centered in watch the train 1964 online dating fictional town called "Rive-Reine.

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He did not intend to give much focus to the mechanics of the train operation itself. When told that Michel Simon would be unable to complete scenes scripted for his character as a result of prior contractual obligations, Frankenheimer devised the sequence wherein Papa Boule is executed by the Germans.

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But Lancaster wanted more emphasis on action to ensure that the film would be a hit, after the failure of his film The Leopard. Historical background[ edit ] The Train is based on the factual book Le front de l'art by Rose Vallandthe art historian at the Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paumewho documented the works of art placed in storage there that had been looted by the Germans from museums and private art collections throughout France and were being sorted for shipment to Germany in World War II.

During an interview with the History ChannelFrankenheimer revealed: The station master, Labiche, is tasked with scheduling the train and making it all happen smoothly but he is also part of a dwindling group of resistance fighters tasked with preventing the theft.

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Pending Info Burt LancasterPaul Scofield and Jeanne Moreau are some of the actors that star in the The Train movie, for a full list please see the cast tab in the movie menu above. Producers realized after filming that the story needed another action scene, and reassembled some of the cast for a Spitfire attack scene that was inserted into the first third of the film.

As he recounts in the Champlin book, Frankenheimer used the production's desperation to his advantage in negotiations. The French resistance however wants to stop them from stealing their national treasures but have received orders from London that they are not to be destroyed.

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He and others stage an elaborate ruse to keep the train from ever leaving French territory. Labiche attempting to flag down a train, then sliding down a ladder, running along the tracks and jumping onto the moving locomotive—performed by Lancaster himself, not a stunt double; A scene in which the camera wanders around Nazi offices that are hastily being cleared, eventually focusing on von Waldheim and following him back through the office; A long dolly shot of von Waldheim travelling through a marshalling yard at high speed in a motorcycle sidecar; Labiche rolling down a mountain and across a road, and staggering down to the track.

The Allied bombing of a rail yard was accomplished with real dynamite, as the French rail authority needed to enlarge the track gauge. Burt Lancaster had Penn fired after three days of filming in France, [4] and called in Frankenheimer to take over.

Frankenheimer noted on his DVD commentary that Lancaster performed the entire roll down the mountain himself, filmed by cameras at points along the hillside.

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Jacques Marin 's character was killed for similar reasons. The marshalling yard attacked during the Allied bombing raid sequence was demolished by special arrangement with the French railway, which had been looking to do it but had lacked funding.

Colonel von Waldheim Paul Scofield is told, at the scene of the last major train wreck, by Major Herren Wolfgang Preiss"This is a hell of a mess you've got here, Colonel.

If it's available to buy you will find the best prices and most trusted market places to buy from below. Upon his soldiers opening the wagon doors he viewed many plundered pieces of art that had once been displayed in the home of his father, Parisian art dealer Paul Rosenbergone of the world's major Modern art dealers.

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A brief montage ends the film, intercutting the crates full of paintings with the bloodied bodies of the hostages, before a final shot shows Labiche walking away. Penn envisioned a more intimate film that would muse on the role art played in Lancaster's character, and why he would risk his life to save the country's great art from the Nazis.

The Train was released March and is directed by Arthur Penn. This can be observed by the shockwaves travelling through the ground during the action sequence.

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In contrast to the action and drama depicted in the film, the shipment of art that the Germans were attempting to take out of Paris on August 1,was held up by the French Resistance with an endless barrage of paperwork and red tape and made it no farther than a railyard a few miles outside Paris.

The Train contains multiple real train wrecks.