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Through intricate and thought provoking questions from the main character, people start to think more critically about the case.

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A dialogue was commenced between different social classes and lights shed on the common mistakes we make when prejudices and judgments are involved are shown through the turning of the jury one by one. Our service utilizes high grade encryption to secure your data transmissions.

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During the process of virtual court, 12 Chinese people from different walks of life got together and discussed the case like a jury. An experiment was held through the form of virtual court inside a college to discuss this hot topic.

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The movie reflects on the social issues of today's China and tries to provide an alternative perspective through the conversations between different social classes; it will be a comedy that is serious in content but entertaining in form.

After several tense, fierce rounds of debate, they walked out with a unanimous decision about the case and more understandings about themselves and the definition of justice.

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During this process, one sees the revelation of people's bias and emotional-preconceptions about the suspect, about each other, and also about the society.