8 Best Water Parks In Bangalore For A Perfect Outing 8 Best Water Parks In Bangalore For A Perfect Outing

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Lion Swing- This is a slow ride, where kids are seated on a log that is shielded by a lion and a cub. The park was created inby Major General Richard Sankey. It is beautifully decorated and despite being opened only init has gained immense popularity due to its amazing slides and rides.

Water Fall

In this ride, you sit on utility sink washer hookups float that moves through a closed tunnel. If you are wondering how to ensure a room for yourself on your next trip to Wonderla Bangalore, then you book the rooms online.

Flying Jumbo- In this ride, kids are seated on flying elephants which then moves in circle as well move in upwards and downward direction. Cubbon Park is located in the heart of the city and spreads over acres 1.

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It is at least years old. For those interested in spending a few days or water world amusement park in bangalore dating night at Wonderla, Wonderla Resort Bangalore offers an ideal option.

It spins and moves in all the directions leaving you screaming with excitement.

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What makes the experience even better is the facility to book Wonderla tickets online. Major kinds of rides that are offered at Wonderla are high thrill rides, water rides, dry rides and kid rides.

For some exciting travel videos, tune into Tripoto's Youtube channel. Here the horse wagon moves in clockwise and anticlockwise direction in varying speed. Attracting visitors of all age groups, it is an ideal place to spend a day of fun and entertainment. The Jawaharlal Nehru PlanetariumBangalore Government Museum was established in has a rare collection of archaeological and geological artifacts including old jewellery, sculpture, coins and inscriptions.

Image courtesy Rameshng Innovative Film City, as the name suggests is a theme park at its creative best. Situated at Hosur Road close to Bangalore city, this is one of the oldest amusement and water parks near Bangalore. The park carries the reputation of being the most visited amusement and water parks in the city.

It has a full-size swimming pool, a massive waterfall, a large water soccer field and many other attractions. Besides, you can also enjoy exciting slides in the Water Kingdom. To make your visit more fun there is a floating restaurant where you can please your taste buds.

Bangalore has an active bird watching club that meets every Sunday. So, here are some of the best adventure and water parks in and around the city.

Top Theme Parks in Bengaluru, India

The sun's rays fall on the Shivalinga only on the day of Makara Sankranthi. Mary's Feast in the month of September each year, an event that attracts a number of devotees from in and around Bangalore. It has a variety of exotic cultivable as well as ornamental fish on display.

Bangalore palace Lal Bagh is a botanical gardencommissioned by the Hyder Ali in While there are a whole lot of them, here are some of the famous amusement and water parks near Bangalore: It consists of 14 rods that surrounds a hub.

With skyscrapers and multistorey towers exist exciting amusement and water parks that help you relax after a hectic week. The temples of KrishnaDurga LakshmiHanumanMadhvacharyaShivaGanapatiNavagrahaNaga and Sarpa, Vadirajatirtha and Raghavendratirtha also meditation and ceremony halls are the other major attractions for pilgrims and devotees.

Mini Venice- This ride with a capacity to accommodate 24 children moves through canals which are called as canal of Venice.

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Wonderla Resort, with the amusement park in its close proximity, is perfect to relax after a day full of activities. There is a first aid kit available at the park. These adventure parks feature thrill rides, wave pools, water slides and much more.

Wide variety of rides, ample of facilities and choices make a trip to Wonderla Amusement Park Bangalore pleasantly memorable. It showcases six decades of aviation heritage.

Most Popular Theme Parks

Apart from these, Caribbean Bay also has an added feature of Spa zone, which contains hot springs and sauna facilities. Chimelong Water Park, China Image credit: This summer, cool-off with a visit to the Flow House with your friends and family.

Traditional prayers start every morning 3am with the "Prakash" of Guru Granth Sahib followed by customary "Nitnem" recitation of morning prayers and kirtan. Flow House, Bangkok Image credit: Insanity- As the name suggests this ride is not for those with weak hearts.

It is an imposing granite building, built in in the ' Neo-Dravidian ' style, incorporates elements of Indo-Saracenic, Rajasthani Jharokha and Dravidian styles.

It is one of the most innovative amusement and water parks near Bangalore that one could think of.

Neeladri Amusement and Water Park

The park is also known for its kids train. The museum is located on the first floor of Mayo Hall. Legends Motorcycle Museum is a collection of 20 plus vintage motorcycles in working condition whose vintage dates back to