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He was instrumental in obtaining funding for the project and in encouraging cooperation between governments and leading scientists. Perutz, Bragg, Watson and Crick would have undoubtedly behaved the same way had the data been produced by Maurice Wilkins.

In an American student, James Watson, arrived at the unit and the two began to work together.

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The model the Cambridge duo put forward did not simply describe the DNA molecule as a double helix. The report was not confidential, and there is no question that the Cambridge duo acquired the data dishonestly.

Their model served to explain how DNA replicates and how hereditary information is coded on it. This was one of the most significant scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

Crick now had the material he needed to do his calculations.

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What Watson and Crick needed was far more than the idea of a helix — they needed precise observations from X-ray crystallography. Crick and Watson both received numerous other awards and prizes for their work.

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Her friend Norma Sutherland recalled: This set the stage for the rapid advances in molecular biology that continue to this day. She, like Crick, had realised that DNA had a double helix structure. Had Watson bothered to take notes during her talk, instead of idly musing about her dress sense and her looks, he would have provided Crick with the vital numerical evidence 15 months before the breakthrough finally came.

While Watson and Crick were working feverishly in Cambridge, fearful that Pauling might scoop them, Franklin was finishing up her work on DNA before leaving the lab. The first, purely theoretical, article was written by Watson and Crick from the University of Cambridge.

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Their behaviour was cavalier, to say the least, but there is no evidence that it was driven by sexist disdain: He died on 28 July Franklin did not attend. In Aprilthey published the news of their discovery, a all shook up costumes structure of DNA based on all its known features - the double helix.

The historical whodunnit, and the claims of data theft, turn on the origin of those measurements. Those numbers, which included the relative distances of the repetitive elements in the DNA molecule, and the dimensions of what is called the monoclinic unit cell — which indicated that the molecule was in two matching parts, running in opposite directions — were decisive.

Those numbers were unwittingly provided by Franklin herself, included in a brief informal report that was given to Max Perutz of Cambridge University. But despite the excitement that Watson felt, all the main issues, such as the number of strands and above all the precise chemical organisation of the molecule, remained a mystery.

Share via Email Rosalind Franklin in It was a disaster. Neither suggestion is true. Franklin had died in and, despite her key experimental work, the prize could not be received posthumously.

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It was extremely precise, based on complex measurements of the angles formed by different chemical bonds, underpinned by some extremely powerful mathematics and based on interpretations that Crick had recently developed as part of his PhD thesis.

Franklin died of ovarian cancer infour years before the Nobel prize was awarded to Watson, Crick and Wilkins for their work on DNA structure.

Wilkins was quiet and hated arguments; Franklin was forceful and thrived on intellectual debate.

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Together, they constituted one of the most important scientific discoveries in history. To prove her point, she would have to convert this insight into a precise, mathematically and chemically rigorous model. He changed from physics to biology and in began to work at Cambridge University.

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Crick and Watson used their findings in their own research. From the outset, Franklin and Wilkins simply did not get on.

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Watson and Crick worked together on studying the structure of DNA deoxyribonucleic acidthe molecule that contains the hereditary information for cells. He then moved to Cambridge University. This meant that DNA was in two parts or chains, each matching the other.

In the middle of MarchWilkins and Franklin were invited to Cambridge to see the model, and they immediately agreed it must be right.

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A glance at photo 51 could not shed any light on those details. The four protagonists would make good characters in a novel — Watson was young, brash, and obsessed with finding the structure of DNA; Crick was brilliant with a magpie mind, and had struck up a friendship with Wilkins, who was shy and diffident.

Their three-stranded, inside-out model was hopelessly wrong and was dismissed at a glance by Franklin. She did not get the chance to do this, because Watson and Crick had already crossed the finishing line — the Cambridge duo had rapidly interpreted the double helix structure in terms of precise spatial relationships and chemical bonds, through the construction of a physical model.

She never learned the full extent to which Watson and Crick had relied on her data to make their model; if she suspected, she did not express any bitterness or frustration, and in subsequent years she became very friendly with Crick and his wife, Odile.

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She was now at Birkbeck and had stopped working on DNA. In Aprilthe scientific journal Nature published three back-to-back articles on the structure of DNA, the material our genes are made of.

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It was agreed that the model would be published solely as the work of Watson and Crick, while the supporting data would be published by Wilkins and Franklin — separately, of course. The progress she made on her own, increasingly isolated and without the benefit of anyone to exchange ideas with, was simply remarkable.

Francis Crick continued to work in genetics and then moved into brain research, becoming a professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California.

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