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The receiver requires a separate power source of which many types were available. I find that the loudspeaker is actually pretty good for some reception.

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Note how she has the 'phones slightly in front of her ears. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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I ran the power supplies with their ballasts even though wasn't necessary. The power supply, Slash concert in bangalore dating, was a separate unit that used a 5Z3 rectifier, an regulator tube and an optional ballast tube.

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The tuning of the RAK is heavy duty, gear driven and the tuning dial readout is shown on two circular dial scales of 0 to 10 and 0 to This is expected since it's part of the alignment process.

It's probable that the WWII version early version used the easy-to-replace nomenclature tags as an ease-of-maintenance function. The lowest setting of the filter works okay on NDBs but the other bandpass frequencies are even higher in frequency and so are not very useful.

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Have a good luck and do not worry - we are by login agency. Sensitivity on the AR is about the same as the AR with preselector.

I had run the receivers both with and without ballasts and I noticed that the received noise seemed to be slightly less with the ballast in use. Current accounts Compare current accounts How to switch bank accounts Cutting your overdraft penalty fees How to choose a current account. The actual difference in power consumption is significant - the ballast dissipates about watts.

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S a color changing wave LED night light with. The manual states that another receiver should be used if voice reception is required - like the RAL. This bandspread action is nice for tuning in weak stations or trying to separate several stations that are on the same frequency - as many NDBs are.

Also, only a single band switch is necessary on the AR while two band switches are used on the AR plus a band switch on the preselector.

It's Z ohms and, while the RAK will easily drive a ohm speaker, many more weak signals can be copied using earphones rather than a speaker.

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Later manuals and some Internet sites will show a slightly different AR that has silk-screened nomenclature on the panel including the information on the data plate silk-screened onto the panel in the upper right part of the panel. I'm satisfied I'm not happy Cancel.

The receiver has a low pass filter that is permanently connected in the audio circuit to roll off the upper audio frequency at about hz. The 5U console had both receivers installed along with transmitters and auxiliary equipment.

This helps reduce "ringing ears" from static crashes or unexpected loud "pops" common on the lower frequencies.

The antenna switch allows the user to select which receiver will be connected to the antenna - either the AR or an emergency receiver. The AR was approved by the FCC for shipboard use in concerning minimum radiation from the antenna. The adjustable bandpass filters are almost useless.

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Later post-war receivers were probably not going to be subjected to the rigors that the wartime versions experienced so the silk-screened panels could be used and provided an excellent appearance.

If the ballast tube is installed it will be on regardless if it is used or not although less current is flowing through it when it is switched out of the circuit. If it is important to know the exact frequency, I use a heterodyne freq-meter set up. The RAK and the RAL used glass tubes that were large six-pin type, 6D6 tubes for the two RF amplifiers, a 6D6 for the regenerative detector, a 6D6 for the first audio amplifier, a 41 for the audio avc amplifier and another 41 for the audio output.

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People Who Need More Sleep. It probably was taken off of one of the Liberty ships that were part of the "moth-balled" fleet that was moored outside of Benicia, California since the receiver originally was obtained from the SF Bay Area.

The design concept was to provide maximum reliability in severe service by simplicity of design - and it paid off since the receivers were in use up until the end of WWII with their last service on board submarines. The AR found a lot of use and longevity with some receivers still in use onboard some old oil tankers as late as the s.

The RF amplifiers use a combination of tuned grid input and tuned plate output using a three-section ganged tuning capacitor. Bands 1 and 2 functioned okay but needed alignment.

Post-WWII installations were generally on commercial ships.

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The meters monitor audio output level in db and tube heater voltage. Without the speaker load the 'phones seem to respond to more noise than signal. If vac was to be used then the RM Rectifier power supply was used.

Posted by Pretty In desperate need of a full body massage, 4 days of sleep and a trip to the Bahamas. Any receiver built for shipboard use had to be "bullet and bomb" proof, in other words, the ship had to take a couple of torpedoes, be sinking fast and the radio gear would still be working.

The schematic drawings are dated After reinstalling, bands 3 and 4 had to be aligned.

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Top of the chassis showing the antenna connections far left front of chassis and the power input connections far right back of chassis. I was given the AR shown in the photos as payment for some radio repair work.

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She's tuning the RAK and is ready to copy on the "mill" the typewriter. First, with a direct readout dial there's no need for the charts and graphs necessary for finding where you're tuned on the AR The can be left out of the power supply if the AC power is stable and noise free.

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I had to remove the coils and rebuild them then finishing them off with a re-waxing job. Additionally, steel and iron was kept to a minimum in shipboard radio construction to reduce corrosion problems that were common on marine equipment.

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The RAL receiver is almost identical construction but has nine bands covering kc to 23mc. Unfortunately, most AR receivers led a pretty hard life and the sea environment didn't help preservation.

However, if it was going to be installed into a shipboard communications console as most were then the cabinet and shock mounts were not provided. Since the AR was the replacement for the AR, it's fair to compare the two receivers.

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The audio output is taken from the front phone jack. Read this guide first Which company has the worst customer service? Most of the concern about a stable AC line voltage was directed at the RAL receiver which itself can become unstable at high frequencies if the line input varies.

The tuning condenser is under the central cover. Many AR receivers were part of the shipboard 3U transmitter console that included a W transmitter, an emergency crystal receiver, battery charger switching, clocks and more. The open coils resulted in an absence of plate voltage to the first RF amplifier when bands 3 or 4 were selected.