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Quinn can carry two gifts at a time. When all items have been collected, the status becomes a gift screenshot below. Dance Floor — 30 points player actions. Share Title Wedding Dash 4-Ever is the current game of the series and marks the appearance of Quinn's parents.

Seat each guest for the wedding ceremony. Kathleen - Kathleen, now an wedding dash 4 ever walkthrough flirt child, has returned to 4-Ever and now causes food fights.

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To make things easier, seat one side, then the other. Guest speed is no longer a factor to how long their speech is and all talk the same amount.

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Each level except mini-0games have missing items and each item found earns you 50pts. Speech Request — A guest wants to make a speech. In order to beat the game, you must collect a set number of guests to bring to the couple, getting expert requires every guest in the game.

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Table Trays - Trays hold 1 more food. This will not break a dance floor chain bonus.

As well, when the flirt bonus is available, try to leave two empty seats side by side. Seat each guest according to their request which appears as a thought bubble above their head. When the sign reading Last Guest appears at the waiting line, no more guests will appear.

Always keep the sound effects loud enough to hear.

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Wedding Arch - The bouqet on the arch will topple over Norbert - Norbert will fall asleep Kathleen - Kathleen will start splashing food everywhere Jax - Jax will run out of Rosy's arms, calm her down then drag him back to her Kyle - Kyle will go out of control by his dance moves only happens if Kyle is on the dance floor Wedding Crashers - Bonnie or Clyde will start humming as they appear in the line, drag them to the kicked out sign.

There is no chain bonus for gifts see Chain Bonuses for more information. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Wedding Day 4-Ever.

This comes in handy when their request bubble was to not sit beside a particular guest.

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This only happens if one or none of the couple are at the arch. Lynn is prepped to meet Joe, her future son-in-law and meets him to discuss the wedding, which Quinn interrupts in order to keep the truth flowing. Kiss Request — Guests want to see the newlyweds kiss.

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This is a good news. Restart — This restarts your current level. You only pass the level if you correctly seat the required number of guests, getting expert requires seating every guest correctly.

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Grandpa Norbert - The elderly, forgetful and very slow eating grandfather, Norbert requires special attention for his no showing of requests. Joe says that this is exactly how he pictured their wedding, with the 2 holding their hands. Do not let guests get unhappy or leave as points will be deducted.

Quinn can carry two cocktails at once.

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Completing the Collectible challenges earns Quinn a present for her wedding. Hal the Hungry man - Hal of DinerTown is a voracious eater and request 2 of each course. The only thing that changes up are the extra requests i.

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Optional to play can be skipped however playing it earns tokens for upgrades.