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Cleaning Silver Coins

This Walker was minted at the Denver mint with a mintage of 9, Rotate the ball or pad regularly to expose unused surfaces. But if you have common date silver coins in your personal collection that you would like to shine up and keep to admire, that shouldn't be a problem.

Find where to buy: Think of the classics: This Peace Dollar was minted at the Denver mint with a total mintage of 2, The baking soda is a little more abrasive than the silver polish but the results were good considering all of the little crevices around the image. Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner brings out the Site Use Terms Cleaning Silver Coins Mention cleaning silver coins to most dealers and you will get a strong reaction - "don't do it".

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Cleaning Silver Coins With Baking Soda

And many of these products are not earth-friendy. Below are the results of products tested in my workshop for tarnish removal. All polishes have some degree of abrasion.

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Before you even think about cleaning any silver coin, there some things you must take into consideration There are currently NO silver polishes on the market that are non-abrasive, though, many proclaim to be. Silver tarnishes simply by being exposed to air.

It delivers a very bright shine that resists tarnishing. If the hand sanitizer spitta trust dating a residue, rinse it off with warm water or remove it with a moistened cotton towel, then dry immediately.

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They clean and polish in one step. This will compress the polish and work more quickly.

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ALL products that have "metal polish" in their name are much too harsh. There you have two effective methods of cleaning silver coins.

To clean this coin, make a watery paste of baking soda and water in a small container. While tarnish is inevitable with silver, there are measures that you can take to slow the formation of tarnish and decrease the You certainly wouldn't use an auto body grinder to polish your silver, so why are you using products that could do similar damage?

Learn more about the product and find where to buy it here To see a closeup of how NOT to clean a coin, click on the picture at left. If water doesn't work, use the dish soap.

Silver Polish

Consumer Reports says to reduce tarnishing, try to minimize silver's exposure to air. The sixth, Gorham Anti-Tarnish, leaves a soft satin finish, like the spoon on the right. Consumer Reports has no commercial relationship with any advertiser or sponsor appearing on this Web site. Rubbing the coin in the cloth using your thumb and index finger, you can clean both sides at once.

Silver Coin Cleaning - Method 1

Least abrasive polishes that deposit tarnish protection Some of the silver coins you see on this site have been cleaned to better display them on this site - most have not.

I especially recommend Herman's when polishing anything you eat off of, such as flatware, and any object that comes in contact with liquid, such as beakers and tea strainers. In grades Very Fine and above which this coin is notthis silver coin is worth a tad more than its intrinsic value.

The intrinsic value of this coin can be gotten by multiplying. Notice how they have been worn down and are difficult to read because of the use of extremely abrasive polishes.

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Do you suppose the guilty party bothered to find out its value before doing the dirty work? Dip the entire coin in the paste, then rub both sides with your thumb and index finger for a minute or so.

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Learn more and find where to buy here: It's used in everything from jewelry to sterling collectibles for fine dining. If you have common date silver coins you want to present as gifts to children or grandchildren, that is understandable also.

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Weiman leather wipes contain All of the cleaned coins are common date silver coins - no key-date or numismatic coins in the bunch. An Economical Light Maintenance routine for your leather seats!!! Try this technique first as it will remove absolutely no metal. If tarnish remains use one of the Least Abrasive Silver Polishes in the next section.

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If this had been an S, in VF condition its value would be three times that of the and cleaning would have probably destroyed that value. If I had used Blitz Silver Shine Polish on the tray below, the polished side would look a bit glossier because of its tarnish-protective ingredient.

Hester Batemanquality mark rampant lion: Also, it would have taken added time to remove the grime with silver polish, especially in the low-lying areas. Five leave a lustrous, bright shine. For more details on caring for leather weiman.