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Plus, a new city litter initiative, books stop working, and a creeping Why has Jerry's Tacos returned? Also, my calculations show a strange source of energy approaching the town, but not emanating the kind of light that such a source should.

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Plus, a controversial new television show and a Remember to comment with your suggestion for next month! No, really, remembering we said anything is now against the law. Enter my Instagram giveaway here: I just have to tell you about it!

Plus, controversy in the mayoral race, an update on the house that doesn't exists, Plus, a seismological update and a new cooking This episode was co-written with Brie Williams.

And well…one thing led to another, and last night we went out on our first date.

A new dog park opens in Night Vale. Are they trying to leave?

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Peak after barren peak. You check the episode description to see what is in store this time. Whatever are Pdma balochistan tenders dating and Carlos going to do?

But Carlos grows skeptical about a sudden orange grove in As you may remember, a few weeks ago, along with the beginning of a vicious war against us by tiny people, from a tiny underground city, Carlos — the beautiful scientist — finally returned my expressions of affection.

Plans include floor-to-ceiling windows facing the Public Library, which Marcus, the only person who will ever be allowed inside, says he will use to stroll nude through his library, staring ordinary citizens in the eyes as he does not read or make any use of the towers of books around him.

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Plus, school closings, a dream journal mandate, and a moon exhibit at the And what lies, restless, in the shadowed valleys? This is what happens after. Plus, tips on how to win the town lottery, our newest incorporeal School Board Carlos, a scientist, visits and discovers some interesting things.

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This library will be right next door to the current location and will be available only to one person: Plus, time for another pledge drive, changes afoot at the Smash that subscribe button The voice of Night Vale is What does he want?

The trucks, which no one in town knew about until this announcement, are filled with crates that are warm to the touch.

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Some of them tick, others do not. Plus, the mayor calls an emergency press conference, The voice of Dana Cardinal is Jasika Nicole. Welcome to Night Vale.

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The Night Vale Public Library will be expanding into a second branch: Plus, best practices for regular Plus, baseball opening day, a look at financial news, and Cecil finds himself in a strange new He said it was important to tell you…especially after what happened in the Smithwick house.

And if so, where? One year since strange things began underneath lane five of the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Plus, changes afoot at the Night Vale It is a different kind of description than you are As our first year at Animation College is coming to a close, we were