Elective C-Section Benefits and Risks - Expert Pregnancy Guide Elective C-Section Benefits and Risks - Expert Pregnancy Guide

When does elective c section happen dating, should you schedule an elective c-section?

Another name for this is a classical incision. A caesarean can be either planned, otherwise known as elective; or unplanned, otherwise known as an emergency caesarean. Lower risk of the baby being deprived of oxygen during delivery.

Controlling for all variables, compared to low-risk vaginal birth, infants were twice as likely to die in the first month after low-risk cesarean birth.

Elective Cesarean Delivery – Causes, Risks & More

When the cord slips out before the baby, then the condition is known as cord prolapse. When you first venture into the sexual arena again, sex may be somewhat uncomfortable, or even painful. Why are so many more women today scheduling elective C-sections? When is the Decision Made? These problems usually diminish with time.

Over the last decade, as the C-section rate has climbed, the average gestational age at birth for U.

Point & Counterpoint: Elective C-Section

Some women who have a history of sexual abuse and trauma elect to have a caesarean birth. The area on your tummy where the cut will be made will be shaved and cleaned with an antiseptic. No one would argue that vaginal birth is painless and without any subsequent health problems, but postpartum recovery from a cesarean is generally much more difficult.

When a vaginal birth occurs at 38 weeks it is very different from an elective C-section at 38 weeks.

Elective C Section | Advantages And Disadvantages of C Section

This type of anaesthesia numbs your bottom half and is safer for you and your baby than a general anaesthetic, which puts you to sleep. This is to ensure that all routine work is done ahead of time such as blood tests. Even though you may think that it has nothing to do with elective C section, the women giving birth this way are more likely to be affected by postpartum depression than other women.

Read as our experts battle it out, then post your own opinion below.

Reasons for emergency C-section

A C-section will ensure that their own doctor and not a duty doctor will deliver their child. A C-section is where the baby is delivered through surgical means. But those people have never walked a day in my shoes.

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Either way, a cesarean is often the safest route for delivery. Advantages of elective C section It is undeniable that there are some upsides of the procedure.

Reasons for a Scheduled C-Section

Your pre-eclampsia is rapidly worsening, making it dangerous to delay delivery. Ultimately, your doctor will be the best person to judge if an elective c-section is necessary and sensible for you. Infections which can either be in the wound itself or within the uterus. Things to Remember You must remember to carry certain things with you to the hospital to ensure a comfortable stay and quick recovery.

Potential impact on subsequent pregnancies and deliveries. Elective C-sections have many pros and cons and you must make a responsible decision after discussing the various options with your doctor.

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One of the main factors is the worry that the pain of a vaginal birth would be unbearable to the mother. One study showed that 8 percent of mothers requested an elective cesarean delivery. Abnormal positioning In order to have a successful vaginal birth, babies should be positioned headfirst near the birth canal.

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I was in control of the situation. Reasons for emergency C-section Some of the reasons an emergency C-section may be required include: What will happen before my caesarean? This is so your skin tone can be monitored during the operation. On the other hand, early delivery clearly has its own risks -- to the infant as well as to the mother.

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The specialists say, regarding the C section that is elective, that the safest time to have the procedure is between weeks 39 and 41 and women should wait until that time to make sure that the baby is safe.

Risks and Complications of Caesarean Delivery Although the risks are considered small, especially with current day surgical techniques, caesarean section delivery does pose different risks when compared with a vaginal birth. It can also reduce some anxiety of waiting for labor to start.

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April 30th, by pnreddy1 TAGS. In most cases, a near-total recovery will be achieved weeks to months after the birth, depending on how major the damage. It's time to stop judging and start supporting. She should put her foot down and not have it at 37 or 38 weeks just because this fits into the hospital's plan," she says.

Please give it to me straight: A previous history of UTI might cause concern over incontinence issues after vaginal birthing. Lower risk of the baby experiencing trauma while passing through the birth canal.

How many weeks do they perform an elective c section? - Caesars - Essential Baby

How to Prepare for Planned C-Section? Even in the rare hospital that permits this, if your caesarean section turns into a true emergency, or if you need a general anaesthetic, your husband will be asked to leave.

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The Day of the Surgery You must not consume any food for up to eight hours before your scheduled surgery. Caesarean section is not without risk, and scientific evidence shows that a vaginal delivery is generally the safest mode of childbirth.

Having a C-Section (Cesarean Section)

Planning for an elective C-section will remove much of the stress and will allow you to be discharged early. As it leaves the liquid environment of the womb, a newborn faces the enormous challenge of making the transition to breathing air.

This is typically at 37 to 40 weeks. And in the last trimester of pregnancyevery week counts.