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We actually live in the Rocklin High School District, but received an intradistrict transfer so our child could attend Whitney High.

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The kids are active in athletics and leadership activities and have developed a strong sense of self, as a result. My son is on his 2nd year in WHS and we have not seen calculatorul de calorii online dating noticed any bullying.

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Others, including the California Scholarship Federation and National Honor Societycan be used as catalysts to fulfill the community service graduation requirement. I recommend this school to anyone in the area. There are no essential skills in college, and if you fail a test you can not just simply retake it the way we could at Whitney.

The school's first dropout students were in the —07 school year; 1. Among the programs, the intervention periods are twenty minutes set before lunch that is intended for students who need to fulfill the academic requirements in which they are lacking.

History[ edit ] Whitney's name was a significant subject of debate, as the school's first two proposed names were associated too closely with other schools in the area.

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WHS teaches kids how to skate by, and if you fail anything, you can retake it. This school has some amazing faculty who have made it their life to enrich and encourage all of their students. He has commented that he had more homework compared to the homework at the middle school he attended in Rocklin.

The JV football coach somehow has managed to motivate my lazy, but smart, Freshman into being on time and excited to work for early morning practice three days a week. Posted February 15, Submitted by other i think it will be a long time before we see a school like this being buiilt ,what a beautiful school.

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Overall, WHS was and is a positive and inclusive campus that was an incredible home for the past four years and has prepared me greatly for college. Of the possible credits, credits are required for graduation.

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The high school opened its doors to over ninth and tenth grade students on August 22,[8] while still partially under construction. She is quite the drama queen and excited to particiate the the wonderful drama group next year.

Posted June 03, Submitted by a student Whitney High does have an amazing faculty and a beautiful campus, but as a previous student I feel that their teaching methods set us students up for failure.

The association is responsible for organizing rallies, dances, and other schoolwide activities. George Whitney would later found and develop the city of Rocklin. It's been 3 years now and the school is almost fully populated.

She isn't a bad principal, just annoying and I could disagree with a few of her opinions and rules. Posted March 18, Submitted by a parent my daughter loves this place.

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But it seems even they get discouraged with the grading at times. Rocklin Unified School District denied the school its facilities in its first two attempts, [11] although the academy secured a location where Rocklin's Sierra Christian Academy once operated by My eldest is part of the first class to go 4 years at Whitney and find it tough to imagine a better experience for her.

The support staff was wonderful, helpful and patient with helping my daughter choose her courses for next year. Especially taking in to consideration that the school has only been open for a few years.

Each year, as a result, students complete eight classes.

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Not because I think Whitney High has achieved perfection, but because so much effort is being made to reach it. They have a great balance of youthful energy and communicating expectation.

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But Whitney High doesn't prepare you well for the real world. Sure Whitney had great spirit and events, and parents seem to love it for the community involvement. Nearly all sports have teams of both genders, although exceptions do exist: The school spirit is phenomenal.