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And sure, on the surface, her message is fine. She's done exactly what she was supposed to do, which is to craft a second album that proves to audiences she's more than just an apron-wearing doo-wop revivalist who pens cheeky songs about her figure.

At every turn on her sophomore record, Thank You, we find Trainor kissing her reflection in the mirror, flipping off her legion of haters, and telling persistent bachelors to back the hell off in bachelorette-party-approved retro-pop. Trainor seems to preach that a woman can trick her man into treating her single girl swag quotes xanga site respect by collateralizing his uncontrollable animal desires.

While describing the song, Trainor said "it needs to be heard right now -- the world could use a song like this. Within the vacuum of Meghan Trainor's career, Thank You might be growth.

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By ascribing a value to her body that is only referential in the eyes of men, Trainor teaches the listener to void their own parts of pleasure and engage in a transaction with their partner. Elsewhere, songs on Thank You seem to wrap themselves tightly around "I don't need a man!

Even when these songs are catchy at first spin, though, they never feel built to last. Sex is a consensual, empowering, and even shockingly, it seems pleasurable act for women.

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This will help to share the story with others. Clearly, taking some sort of gendered stance and mixing that with a little friendly controversy to get keyboards aflame with dissenting takes is a formula that works. I want this choreography to empower everyone out there to get on their feet, and I want them to think about respect and sassiness and loving yourself.

This is what makes her flippant, outdated sexism so dangerous — she seems to truly believe it. Trainor is assuredly chaste, but willing to trade her feminine gifts for princess treatment. It's about respect -- we need a little more R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the world, especially right now," and called it the "sassiest" song on its parent album.

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A second sample of "No Excuses", a pop song where Trainor sings playful lyrics about respect over a funky retro-style beat. Looking at me sideways, always coming at me," over an incandescent beat. This is an ethos that seems to follow Trainor out of her pastel fantasy videos and into real life.

The confidence Trainor effuses on this album is distinctly different than what she delivered on her creatively named debut, Title.

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Love it or hate it, at least that song was specific and a little more creative in its message, turning Trainor's "ain't no size two" insecurities into a self-aware hit about loving your curves. Which is a shame, really, because it would be so amazing to have a thicker-than-your-average pop star who was actually sex-positive and pro-woman.

There, Trainor was a little self-deprecating, singing about drunk dialing, walk of shame—ing, and her insecurities on tracks like "Close Your Eyes. Last year, Hailee SteinfeldEllie Gouldingand Fifth Harmony all sang explicitly about thriving as independent women.

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Trainor, however, unlike most popstars, plays a real role in writing her own songs. Yet Trainor seems to treat her body as currency throughout her music, chirping: Thank You consistently echoes older music that delivered the exact same messages in far more interesting tones.

For Trainor, who is 21, this nostalgic walk down the s landscape of picket fences and pencil skirts exists as pure fantasy. She preserves her sex as a precious gift to be wooed with rings given, doors held open, and flowers bestowed. According to Idolator writer Mike Nied, the song is a confident take-down of a disrespectful suitor, that has "fiery" production and playful lyrics and Trainor sounds "right at home" on it.

Meghan and her creative director, Charm LaDonna, hand-selected the dancers to portray strong women empowering themselves through dance and performance.

No Excuses (Meghan Trainor song)

At first glance, this is a feat for Meghan Trainor. The visual features a "fun, easy" and empowering routine. A spacey background was projected on a screen and it ended with the group chanting in unison. It features Trainor singing over a "funky, retro" beat. In the process, she makes a hit like "All About That Bass" actually seem interesting: Thank You is a collection of trend-grabbing dresses whose seams will disintegrate by next year.

Describing the initiative, the singer stated "I always hear my music playing in Zumba classes when I'm at the gym so I thought—let's reach out to Zumba and create something special for 'No Excuses,' We both believe in empowerment!

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Trainor is no longer the Top 40 outlier making Grease-worthy tunes — but she's still indulging in lazy pop mimicry, just for a different era. But considered as part of the wider pop scene? I'm a woman, have you never met one before?

Our greatest female pop stars, even in their coupledom, seem to stand alone in their power. The overarching theme of the song is that Trainor will not sleep with her husband unless he meets her very specific and frequently material demands.