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After he rescues her from being taken advantage of by an older photographer, they share a passionate kiss Pret-a-Poor-J. That is, until Blair persuades her to help them in a plot to take down Poppy.

Doesn't Chuck know that a party isn't a party until someone crashes?

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In season 4, Damien tries to help Blair and Dan find Juliet when he finds out that he sold Juliet a large amount of drugs such as cocaine, pills and ether which was used to drug Serena.

I organized everything the way she likes it. I've watched half of a season but only the first few minutes of the pilot voluntarilyand I can safely say I do not wish to ever see or hear about this ever again.

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She's Chuck's mother, who was thought to have died when giving birth to Chuck. Everyone out there wants to be us. In season five, Kati returns to compete with Blair's former minions, Penelope and Jessica, to become Blair's bridesmaid in her upcoming nuptials.

Come on, you're ten times hotter than any of those girls.

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The money, the drugs, the privileges, they're just keeping us numb, so we don't notice it's better out there in the real world. However, when Vanessa later reviews her video footage, she realizes that the man who nearly drowned was paid off to give Tripp an edge in queridas manhas online dating last hours of the election.

Carter Baizen is on his way here, right now. As a bonus, I've inserted some pretty photos, too. Description Things heat up between Serena and Dan when they admit they are in love with each other, despite that they come from polar opposite worlds she from wealthy Upper East Side Manhattan, and he from working class Brooklyn.

He left his jacket here yesterday and I'd rather you be gone when he got here. They get married in "The Unblairable Lightness of Being" when she finds out that her family will be visiting her. I may have created a medical grant for teens with genital herpes.

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Aren't we entitled to choose, just to And sometimes you have to venture outside your world in order to find yourself. What is the name of the song played at the start of each episode of Gossip Girl?

The only difference between Gossip Girl and a telenovela is the age of the characters. And you didn't even call. After a trip to Yale in the fall where they each find trouble after an identity crisis where both are known as the other, Nate befriends Dan New Haven Can Wait.

If you ever had to forcefully watch a telenovela soap opera when you were 8 years old and your parents made you stay at your grandma's in the weekend, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. In Season 5Nelly, still remaining a student at Yale, is invited to return to tryout to become a bridesmaid at Blair's wedding but doesn't show up because she hates her and is replaced by Charlie instead.

Nate Archibald

As they're about to kiss, Tripp interrupts them, having found out his wife Maureen had set up the Hudson drowning scheme, and seeks out Serena for comfort. Now, all the stores are closing and I'm totally screwed.

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I can't believe Serena came to this brunch. Her boyfriend, Gabriel Edwards, is portrayed by Armie Hammer in the second season. It's Christmas Eve and I still haven't found a gift for Dan. They climb their way up in heels, no matter who they have to tread on to do it. Talk to Chuck, buddy.

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I had to go, I Hazel has tendency to be desperate for a boyfriend and Jenny at one point blackmails her to treat Nelly Yuki better by reminding her that she once hooked up with her cousin. It is revealed that Georgina is pregnantand claims it is Dan's child.

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Kind of a tip-off. In the final episode of the season Much 'I Do' About NothingNate's father buys a passport and skips town after the Van der Woodsen-Bass wedding to avoid fraud charges.

When Nate begins to suspect Juliet's strange behaviour and busy schedule, he asks her to tell him more about her life.

At the end of season 3, after a long absence, Georgina returns to New York City from her enforced exile in Belarus disguised by wearing a blonde wig and a large coat, desperately seeking the help of various Upper-East Siders with her "problem".

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To get revenge on Ben, when the latter has threatened him to stay away from Serena and her family, he befriends Eric and comes up with a scheme to send Ben back to jail, unsuccessfully.

Chuck, you know that I adore all of God's creatures and the metaphors they inspire. Tripp decides to leave his wife, encouraging Serena to be with him.

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They're all the same, with minor, almost unnoticeable differences. That was supposed to be a joke. I wrote it to you when you were away at boarding school.

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She also continues to be Blair's loyal right-hand woman, and the ring-leader of her sidekicks. I need to know how you and Jenny would feel if I went out tonight, for a drink Meanwhile, Serena and Dan are reminded once again that they come from two very different worlds, and Nate and Chuck indulge in a boys' weekend with the former trust-fund case, Carter Baizen, to blow off steam after Ivy Week, and who gets the guys into trouble with some of his poker player thugs.

Portrayed by Linda Emond in season one and the beginning of season two and by Jan Maxwell at the end of season two and for one episode in season four, Headmistress Queller is Constance Billiard School for Girls' and St. They head to a house outside the city in The Debarted and hide out for awhile, until Tripp leaves for an afternoon; claiming he's meeting with William.

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Whoever thought monarchy was dead didn't realize it just changed zip codes.