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Cast[ edit ] The cast is mostly made up of young up-and-coming actors who were integrally involved in the world of the story. As a result, they use my jokes and things told lightly as news. She doesn't want that her relations amy schumer boyfriend dating app turned into news, which mass media will report once.

I am very frivolous and playful person, and I always idle. I think that he is one of the best people whom I ever met. However, if the singer's relations with her boyfriend remain and will reach a wedding, then it is possible that we learn his name.

My beloved is the best.

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There is no love triangle between Falz, Adekunle Gold and me. Who is Simi dating? And I am glad that everything happened in such way.


Ask Naij The musician Simi constantly gets to the field of discussions and is the victim of rumors, which are connected with his relations to other stars. Soon, everyone recognises that Otelo is truly gifted on the water, a surfing star in the making.

People who are really interested in my private life and want to learn what occurs in it will easily guess that we just acted.

Try to steer clear of the center of attention. Subscribe to watch new videos. Most of the film was shot on a RED camera, provided by Panavision.

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So who is Simi dating? On the day Nelson Mandela steps out of prison for the first time in 27 years, the young boy makes a choice that will change his life.

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My beloved and I have met before I gained popularity. It is exactly the opposite of the township where they live — a place under a constant and growing threat from political violence fuelled by Inkatha hostel dwellers on one side, and United Democratic Front comrades on the other.

The singer has confirmed also that she is in the relations with someone but didn't begin to show all the secrets. But we just idled, and other people easily believed that there is something between us.

Nolwazi Shange

Together with it, she was surrounded by various rumors about alleged relations with YCEE. He also paints an enticing picture of the life they could have if they learn to master the waves. Michael Jackson remains highest-paid 'dead' singer Who is Simi dating?

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Plot[ edit ] It isand the struggle against apartheid has reached its peak. She is a talented singer, which in short terms has gained huge popularity among the admirers.

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I know that some people have treated it seriously, but it was the joke. When the time for marriage comes, you learn his name — the singer told.

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An older white man, Kurt Struely, approaches the boys, certain of their potential. She reasoned it with the fact that she wants to protect information concerning her private life, which becomes the frequent property of the public.

I don't think that it is necessary to pay attention to this post. He understands and supports me. He forces me to be the best, and I can be such a person thanks to him.

He invites them to his home to watch some professional surfers on video. I think that people have to hide things, which they want to keep private. Simi, in turn, denies the relations with the guy. Everything has begun with the fact that she made a post on Twitter where she declared that Simi dating to the Nigerian rapper.

It has also generated rumors about a love triangle with Falz and Adekunle Gold. There are love relations in my life, but I can't tell who he is because I don't like to tell something about my private life.

All people have things, which they daily overcome, but you don't need strangers to intrude upon leisure in your private life. These are magnificent artists with whom it is pleasant to work, and I am glad that they are my friends and colleagues.

As it appeared, recently the singer has the relations with YCEE. The following songs also appeared in the film: Conclusion As you can see, the name of the beloved of the singer is in secret; therefore, it is impossible to learn who is Simi's boyfriend today for sure.

Watching Mandla Modise surf, they are taken into a world previously closed to them. In spite of the fact that she is a beginner in the area, the singer has caused a large amount of envy from other performers.

But I feel that people always treat some things, which I tell too seriously.

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The reason for which I hide the private life consists in the fact that everything becomes the center of attention among the public, even things which as it is supposed, have to be exclusively personal.

However, people believed and apprehended this news seriously. She reasoned a post with the fact that she has just decided to joke.