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When looking at vocals, everybody knows that Ms. With the poise and sassy confidence of a diva twice her age, Brandy mixes her love songs with tributes to her little brother " Best Friend "God "Give Me You"the perfect man " Baby " and older crooners like Aretha and Whitney "I Dedicate".

Her voice, her dance skills, oh everything about her from her personality and to the person she was, a true talent, she truly inspired me!

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She worked her butt off, but didn't sell out and always remained true to herself and the people who were influential in her life and career. InGuinness World Records cited her as the most awarded female act of all time.

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Autocad users in bangalore dating 61 Comments 9 Gladys Knight She is amazing and by far among the top two are and be singers.

There is no straining when it comes to Chaka's singing. Too often, loud equals good. How old is brandy norwood daughter?

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I loved Aaliyah, I don't know why, she doesn't have the most powerful singing voice, but Aaliyah wasn't about that. Sade is the only one in her league. Does not get the credit for being one of the top 10 best ever.

Come on she's the Queen of Soul all these people you have ahead of her are Nothing compared to her I mean come on this isn't that hard Aretha is the Queen!

Before Fame

There's no denying that she is a pop legend and has good music but a great singer she is not, she's just a lil better than Ciara.

A year later, Brandy released Afrodisiac which marked her fourth album.

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Sade is in a league of her own. Brandy swears her badly, she can not only find the right person. Starring in this show aided Brandy to attract a large following to her side.

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Nonetheless, the pair never got married as their engagement came to an end after 15 months. And come face to face with Beyonce but due to her death in at just aged 22, she didn't get that big chance.

By the time she was fifteen years old, Brandy had already released a self-titled album.

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Bentley was ejected from the vehicle and into traffic where five cars struck him. However, just in her teenage years to young adult years, she showed a great level of maturity in every single way and was still very modest but truly fantastic!

Aretha can compose music. She is regarded as a sex symbol through her songs and videos. Buy it, you won't be disappointed. Though they were so much into each other, the 'Foolish' singer revealed about their private breakup during The Meredith Vieira Show on 13 May Famous singer Toni Braxton once said she can sing the most highest notes without hardly opening her mouth.

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It's hard to explain why Sade is special without sounding cliched. Franklin began her career singing gospel at her father, minister C. Screw this fat cow, I don't even want to think about her anymore and seeing her on here just pisses me off, as is the year to cut all people that annoy me off.

The Queen of Sophisticated Soul Man I hate aaliyah so uch what with her weak voice and stupid music and all.

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What tv role for brandy norwood? Avenue has helped on the light chat Merchant of rumors, They collaborated on the song 'Body On Me' in It's a shame that the masses don't really know what talent this woman holds.

Inshe rose to stardom following the release of her platinum-selling second album, Rapture, which The Real Underrated Queen of Soul who has been in the game for over five decades with the most recognizable and unique voice on the entire list.

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V 13 Comments 7 Chaka Khan Chaka Khan is an American singer-songwriter whose career has spanned four decades, beginning in the s as the frontwoman and focal point of the funk band Rufus.

Her success is what keeps me moved. Her voice is just so very strong. Mary is great and there's nothing like hearing her sing and feeling ever word as if she was singing the song for you.

She rose to fame in as a finalist on the third season of American Idol, coming in seventh place.

Also Known For :

May joely richardson dating She amazing I like you new song shes lovely beautiful and great dancer very successful broken into the career I admire he very much I love all your songs babe xx She is so pretty and has got all it takes to be the best.

She was born in and is currently worth around 60 million dollars. What is this list!