NSA Is Giving Microsoft Some Help On Windows 7 Security NSA Is Giving Microsoft Some Help On Windows 7 Security

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This also applies to assigning permissions to users who will be ISA Server administrators as described in the following section. The majority of guides seem to be rather outdated though.

A password is considered strong if it provides an effective defense against unauthorized access.

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The array member also has the keys to decrypt the information. ISA Server Enterprise Administrator Users and groups assigned this role have full control over the enterprise and all array configurations.

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Allows the specified group or user some monitoring permissions. Be sure to configure strict DACLs for associated data in the file system and in the registry. Log files that are backed up to a different location.

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You May Also Interested In: They have full rights to configure and monitor ISA Server. Least privileges Apply the principle of least privilege, where a user has the minimum privileges necessary to perform a specific task. Click Next until you finish the wizard.

Scope of This Guide

Only in extreme security situations does the guide recommend the Specialized Security — Limited Functionality SSLF configuration, which considerably limits client computer functionality. Therefore, Firewall Client software will not work in a workgroup setting. Logging on and configuring When you log on to the ISA Server computer, log on with the least privileged account necessary to do the task.

You can use the link to the advanced search options on the left to include and exclude phrases in the search. Modify all confidential information on all the other array members. We recommend that you harden the Windows infrastructure after you have completely installed ISA Server.

I've bookmarked this post for future reference: The following sections describe how you can reduce the attack surface of the ISA Server computer.

NSA Operating System Guides

For example, to configure a rule, you should log on as an ISA Server administrator. When you assign a role to a user, you essentially allow that user permissions to perform specific tasks. Physical access to a server by an unauthorized user could result in unauthorized access or modification, as well as installation of hardware or software designed to circumvent security.

I hadn't noticed they have one for RHEL 5 yet.

Security Guide

If you want the very best of both worlds, there are several educational video games for kids. ISA Server Extended Monitoring Users and groups assigned this role can perform all monitoring tasks, including log configuration, alert definition configuration, and all monitoring functions available to the ISA Server Basic Monitoring role.

On the Select Additional Services page, select the appropriate services and click Next. They can directly modify any data on the Configuration Storage server.

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Role-based administration involves Windows users and groups. In Enterprise Edition, users who belong to the Administrators group on the Configuration Storage server can control the enterprise configuration.

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These certificates can be certificates that were installed on array members for Web publishing or site-to-site VPN authentication, and certificates installed on the Configuration Storage server for authentication over a Secure Sockets Layer SSL -encrypted channel.

In addition, you should consider ISA Server functionality and harden the operating system accordingly. Thanks for your post. Thanks for the share. Limit the applicability of the system policy rules to required network entities only. Please note that you may still get links displayed to pages that are no longer hosted on the NSA website.

Identify those services and tasks not critical to how you manage your network, and then disable the associated system policy rules.

Securing the ISA Server Computer

The administrator can also view the enterprise policy applied to the array. When you install an ISA Server computer in a separate forest or domain, the use of Kerberos constrained delegation is not a viable authentication delegation method. Client installation share, if the Firewall Client share is installed on this computer.