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You don't need to read into a smiley face because you've already got all the information you need out of that. But as we all may know, its meaning and consequence can be so iffy. It's almost incomprehensible how fucking infuriating that would be. If they actually winked at me once per second for multiple minutes, possibly even an hour or longer, non-stop, after saying something like "No, but my girlfriend does, if you know what I'm saying.

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The fact that a winky can mean either a sexual connotation or a friendly gesture of pleasantry makes the winky a ballsy action. The face that has, let's get it on, in big neon letters all over it.

Some situations require it. What does the smiley winky face mean?! Hence the tongue out face.

Winky Emoticon - Bing images

Unlike the angry face, which can be a little playful, most people only use this when they're genuinely uncomfortable or unhappy with something. Whether she considers you a friend or 'more' is completely unknown unfortunately.

If someone says rm 519 bi only dating not heading out at the weekend, or they're not into some weird sex thing or something like that, they might have this at the end of their text.

A winky can end up as a confusing message to the receiver, for which someone else is trying to seduce. It all depends on what comes after.

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Be wary of this though, some people use these things like commas, so they mean nothing at all. The devilish smiley face doesn't actually mean they want the ride.

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So if you see this in a text message, I've bad news: The winky face can actually bring turmoil to a relationship. They want to destroy you with alcohol, not with their pelvis! It's just not done.

When people say "let's go for a drink, we'll have a messy time!


It helps a lot if it is a poster that I have read a lot of posts from, but anyway, I usually don't just straight read the stuff in OT, but instead try to think of the person behind the other end of the screen and what their intentions and so forth are, and try to view it with that lense in mind or whatever the fuck.

It's a friend smiley, if ever there was one. If you see this in a message, it's basically just a buzzkill for the mood. You can read almost anything into this smiley, depending on the sentence that comes before it.

What's your opinion on the winky emoticon?

That's acceptable, but if you see this a lot, take the hint. Therefore, I urge all of you texters to only use the winky face when you really are showing sensual attraction towards someone because if not, it can misconstrue the whole relationship into a confusing limbo reality.

If they're talking about someone else they're hooking up with. You couldn't be less in there 10 Regular Smiley Face The most evilly ambiguous smiley of them all! Like, you know, with sex! Even though they aren't, but like, mentally they kinda are. Here's what just a few of them mean.

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The 'I-know-it, you-know-it' face. In most cases, the winky emoticon gives off a more suggestive impression. It's cheeky, but can be interpreted as nothing other than that. Not a hope 4 Devilish Smiley Face Are you ready for a revelation?

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As if to say, "I'm so cool! Thing is, there are many different emoticons and some of them are pretty unusual. If they seriously just winked like that non stop from that point forward after saying "That's what she said" or something. No girl wants any guy she likes to make the connection between her and vomiting.

Some people might say that's bullshit, that their girlfriend or boyfriend uses it all the time. Holy shit that would suck.

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With this in mind, the winky face must be used judiciously. Sure, if they're talking about homeless puppy orphans, then yes, it's a very simple "I'm sad" message. With a wink, absolutely.

No, this isn't opposite day, this is actually true. However, it can be overused. It's only when the message is unclear that you need to interpret the little devil. It says "I have a good time with you, enough that I can laugh with my pig snort laugh at stupid things".

Are you in there?: Are you in there??????????

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There is an obvious exception to this i. That said, if someone is using when talking about what a long day they had, or if they don't like their boss, that's a demand for sympathy. That's a combination of two things! It could mean an invite to a threesome Otherwise, total penis deflation.