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For her part, Mackenzie opens up about how hard it was not to tell her best friend about this important part of her.

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So much, it is my go-to. I want to have on Sarah and Adrianna. Apparently they tease her a lot because she keeps blowing it with girls which is only believable because this is a movie after alland she just wants Mackenzie to play along and give her a fake number if need be.

What drew you to the movie?

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There should be a musical episode for Once Upon a Time. To her credit, Cassie seems to be willing to move past it 12 hours and one sabotaged breakfast later.

The Skeleton Twins 2014

The first one, I think. I do look up to them, they are my friends, obviously. Now onto the movie! Without even thinking, I just submitted for it, I was already feeling like it was something I wanted to be a part of because I was having a time [laughs].

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The girls are super close, so much so that the movie starts off with them cuddling in bed together because Cassie is feeling especially clingy after her breakup. Once this article comes out and they see how much you want them on the show [laughs].

Just throw them in the tub!

Elise Bauman x Ellevan

They have not announce its release date. Los Angeles has always been the goal, however I moved to Toronto three years ago and I absolutely love the summers in Toronto. Are people sending you snapchats?

I guess, ideally it would be based in Toronto and then flying out to Los Angeles and New York and all of the wonderful places that I want to be.

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Memories are so precious. And I think that anyone can really related to this no matter what your sexuality is. But me Winny, if my best friend did that to me hell would break loose on all angles. I have, or we have, Evan and I have two cats, and a dog!

Her hints about vegans and softball players are completely unnecessary—her parents figured it out when her mom found a DVD copy of The L Word under her bed five years ago.

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Right [laughs], please pull some strings. And if that happens, my heart would be broken in many different aspects, it would be broken because my relationship would probably be over with my partner and my relationship with my best friend would potentially be over. Obviously we touched upon the Gay Women Channel and how everybody is so fond of it.

To everyone but Cassie that is. Natasha will at times speak with a baby voice.

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So just recently I decided that I was going to try and figure it out, and once I figured out I was like ohhh, this is fun [laughs]. Shooting that episode I absolutely loved. Can you tell us a little about the movie and what we can expect?

And now, do you have a long term goal? Their lives are just really different at the moment—Cassie just dumped her boyfriend and is having a shit time at her internship, whereas Mackenzie is finally ready to come out.

And I have this weird obsession with the sea [laughs] and the ocean. Oh goodness, this is a hard one. Now, I guess we can ask a few of these fan questions— some stranger than others. But I did it, it was awesome! She even has guests come on— or in… to her wet oasis.

Suffice it to say, Cassie flips out on dear Mackenzie.

Almost Adults

So I applied for Elliot. Have you gotten any unwanted attention or messages on Twitter that are a little questionable? You know, the vlog style seems to be really in these days. Alright, we can hold out, I think we can do this.

I want to binge it.

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You know what, I wish that I could react the way that Jess does. Playing drunk, the binge-watching scene? His bright idea is to set her up with a Tumblr account so she can get a Tumblr girlfriend. The stuff that they turn out is just mind-blowing.

Catch up with Winny on Twitter: And yes, there are definitely some hot makeout scenes. We had a moment on their YouNow.

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I think, I googled myself months ago when the girls had announced when Elliot was me, or I was Elliot. We had giggles, talked BFF drama and so much more! Like move out to Hollywood? But I definitely am going to have them on in once I ask them [laughs]. And now would you ever want to be on a show like Once Upon a Time, and play a Princess?

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I know as much as you guys do. Do you think as Winny, you would have reacted as nonchalantly as she did after finding out your bestie hooked up with someone you were dating? The second season is better than ever and its timeline takes place prior to the Almost Adults movie, so get to watching!