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She can handle things on her own without people like you getting in her way.

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Rather, it appears to have given them a boost, confirming that they are breaking taboos that desperately need breaking. And yes, I love snsd dearly. But I'm sure the same thing won't happen to Taeyeon because she is a strong woman.

Just leave people's relationship alone. Last month, he made a guest appearance and said the appearance turned him into something of a star himself. Do you want the same things happen to Taeyeon unni?

Since starting last August, every Friday at Post witch hunt hyesung dating on the taetiseo article instead where taeyeon is actually mentioned.

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I just said the same things about Sulli relationship and the pervert Choiza, and the people answered the same things that you are saying: But Jeong Sang-min, a year-old pharmacist based in Anyang, Gyeonggi, personally knows how popular the show is.

That's the reason why she isn't happy. It can actually be fun. The thing is, though, I cannot go away for more than one week, because of, well, constipation.


Also all you have to do is leave AKP if you don't like what they're putting out. It is highly offensive and shows you have no manners and are probably cruel to those that are different. One something guy wrote in to say that he really loved his girlfriend, but they had no chemistry in bed.

And their relationship is not something I'm talking here.

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While the bloody hell are you talking about EXO. And yes Hyosung unni is my favorite in Secret! Just leave them alone.

We are huge fans.

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It's about secret, not BaekYeon. Society is judging them. No wonder Gwak, the Cosmopolitan editor, can write so proudly of her relationship with a man five years younger than her something of another taboo in Korea.

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Baekhyun a gold digger? Don't you have a life?! The show is really something of an icon for me and my friends. If they're happy with each other then you shouldn't care. You bring irrelevant shit into other posts as well. Are you a fan of SNSD?

Sung Shi Kyung♥Han Hye Jin Are The First ‘Witch Hunt’ Couple?

What should I do? This unnamed person, above, watched the show in spite of getting eye surgery.

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And yes I respect Secret who is trying to protect each other and not like T-ara band who bullying Hwayoung unni! Respected academics have also singled out the program as a genuine social phenomenon.

And why are you even talking about them here?

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Your always hating if it isn't SNSD it's Tara fine I get you don't like them but don't use every opportunity to bash them