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The Healer is a self trained doctor who learned to treat illnesses and wounds inflicted by the dangers of the Zone. These people don't have military gear to the extent of the army soldiers or private mercenaries, but they are well familiar with the behavior of wild animals and able to find, catch, kill and skin a mutant.

Their gear of preference is costumes protecting from various hazardous effects. With our cutting edge technologies that simplify interactions among singles, you will definitely have a good time meeting, chatting and dating Slovenian singles. The Assaulter is the cornerstone of the strike forces, specializing in quick seizure of the key town districts and further clearance of the mutants.

Become a true stalker! Mechanic The native Mechanics leared long ago that the Zone gives no useless things, any junk may prove useful and save one's life at a certain moment. Pathfinder When mutants threatened the village, the villagers would send out the Pathfinders.

However, during the years of fighting the michael paul chan dating for free and the mutants, the natives were deprived of most of their territories, and their warriors got scattered all over the Zone.

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The enemy will not even know where the bullet came from. Militaries and bandits keep on fighting for the dominance in anomalous lands.

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The Handyman focus on knowledge and skills that will definitely be needed in the Zone: Unlikely to succeed in the Mainland, they will definitely make a living here, inside the Perimeter. And you never know, what's more dangerous. His strength is medicinal herbs, plants, making infusions and cataplasms.

An epic battle between different stalker clans continues in the Zone. They are not ideally fit for the coming overloads, but they adapt quickly. Train dozens of your abilities. Alien engineers have no idea what to expect from the Zone but they are very well prepared, both in making new things and in disassembling broken equipment to get valuable components.

Survive in deadly situations: A Doctor will be proficient in pharmacology and personal protection equipment.

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The well trained native hunters would trace and bait the beasts luring it away, to the depth of the Zone, or killing and cutting it up, if the village needed supplies. Scientist People who come to the Zone for the sake of science, are extremely courageous and smart.

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You can begin your online dating adventure here for a WOU dating experience. Now, when a relatively peaceful time of cooperated research came, many prefer to join the government army or the mercenaries.

His lot is to treat the wounded and save the ailing from death grip.

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He will be able to defend himself, while staying away from active fighting. The Theoretician is a former "armchair scientist" who strives to prove to the colleagues and to the rest of the world certain assumptions about the nature and character of the Zone that only he can understand.

The Universal Craftsman knows a little bit of everything. Researcher Some rural school graduates have tried to understand the Zone based on rationality, not faith.

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They are not as tough as they seem, but they hardly feel any exhaustion until they fall dead. The Warriors may be not too comfortable with modern warfare, but their quick thinking and stamina are truly impressive. However, for each new problem a universal craftsman will offer a couple of plausible solutions, one of which is bound to work.

The Commando is an expert in heavy weapons and reinforced armor.

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Be a doctor, a scientist, a hunter, a soldier or an engineer. The area of wandering anomalies, scary mutants and desperate stalkers. Thousands of singles like you are on Slovenia Dating looking for real love and romance and waiting for you to show up.

Investigate Anomalous Zone's secrets. He is a can-do person, but in the Zone he may lack some purely practical skills. You can support one of these groups or be on your own. Recruits with military backgrounds are especially valued for their skills with firearms.

Take part in mass PvP, bring death or salvation to those around you.

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Longing to transform your current "complicated" or "single" status to "engaged" or "happily married" status? Frequent walk to great distances teach the Pathfinders to use the available space in the backpack with maximum efficiency, and their easily developing ability to carry heavy loads can only be envied.

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The Woodsman learns to see what parts of the carcass are most valuable for sale and collecting, what can be safely eaten and what will be most impressive as a trophy.