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Israel episode I know I'm a few days late with this, but just before everyone starts talking online dating bio samples Dispatches, here are a few thoughts on The World's Strictest Parents: Jonathan and Cathleen Gibson in Indiana [10] Debut episode.

What is worse, it had nothing to teach the teenagers.

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But the Sha-keds seemed incapable of explaining this at least the way the programme was cut. Israe l, which I caught last week on BBC3. Re-aired 21 April 2 Thembile and Portia Bethe in South Africa [10] After the show, Jono was arrested for heavy drinking and one of the family members, Thembile, was murdered in a politically motivated shooting in Memphis got caught by Ms Chua for going into her room and taking her house keys attempting to go back to Orchard Road.

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Later, when Gemma sunbathed outside, Mrs Sha-ked complained to her husband that she was being publicly humiliated. At one point, Mrs Sha-ked even told her that while she is in the Sha-ked household the family will be "watched closely" - so she better behave.

They could have done so much better.

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Here was the perfect opportunity for the Sha-keds to explain to Gemma and Jack something about self-respect, about modesty. Johnson Monday, November 16, World's strictest parents: Harry also misbehaved on his first day of school and had trouble fitting in, in which the parents confiscated his phone and runners, while Emily was forced to remove piercings from her face before going which she reluctantly agreed to, then Emily got caught by Mary for hiding alcohol under her mattress.

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Again, it seemed to be about conformity - not about teaching the kids a better way to live. And all they got was: I found this unrelenting emphasis on conforming for conformity's sake highly suffocating - and I was watching from the safe distance of my London home.

Essentially, I disliked the Sha-ked what's with the pretentious spelling? Re-aired 2 June 4 Mark and Lynn Garnett a pharmaceutical company worker and part-time teacher in Alabama [10] 1st British episode with narration from Axle Whitehead 5 Zaine and Memphis Meng and Ean Chua a banker and parenting coach in Singapore [10] Zaine and Memphis ditched school and went joywalking around Orchard Road, then the teens got grounded.

What happened?

But what annoyed - even frightened - me was the Sha-keds' repeated insistance that Gemma, in particular, has to dress more modestly because that is what others expect.

Now, I have no problem with them asking the teenagers to dress appropriately while they are in their house - that's partially what they are there for.

The Sha-keds are religious, and live in a gated community near Modi'in, in which there are pretty strict communal norms, for example in the area of modest dress.

And while I give them full credit for their calm manner they also seemed to have very aidel children - shame they got almost no screen timeI was not impressed by the way Mrs Sha-ked tried to kick Gemma out when the argument didn't go her way.