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Over the next few years, De Backer moved several times, each time shifting his home recording studio to wouter de backer dating simulator new location with new acoustic qualities.

Gotye (Wouter De Backer) Giving me a chance | GOTYE

Interest in the Gotye project was growing, and De Backer was eventually offered a distribution deal by the label company Creative Vibes for an album, which would essentially be a collection of the tracks from his three earlier releases.

Directed by Natasha Pincus, the video has now been viewed over million times as of October Number 1 single; the first Australian artist to reach Number 1 in the U. In his teens, De Backer formed the band Downstares [9] with three of his high school friends, including Lucas Taranto who still plays in his Gotye live shows.

The title was inspired by an artwork his father painted in the s, discovered by De Backer among old bills and newspapers in his parents' barn; it was later edited in Photoshop to become the album artwork.

Gotye (Wouter De Backer) Giving me a chance

Shreyas shetty yahoo dating elderly neighbour, having heard Downstares rehearsing over the years, gave his then-recently deceased wife's LP record collection to De Backer.

The sextet made their debut performing two shows in tribute to Perrey at National Sawdust, in Brooklynon 22 November Around this time, Gotye met fellow singer-songwriter Kris Schroeder at a party in Mt Eliza, and the two began performing together under the name The Basics.

He drew on his cultural history for inspiration when naming his new project; Wouter translates into French as Gaultier or Gautier or Gauthiera pet name used by his mother who gave French classes when he was a child.

The next week it fell from the top spot but on 26 February it reached the top spot for a second time, where it remained for a total of five weeks.

Inhe set up a recording studio in a barn at his parents' farm and set about recording tracks for his third album. Boardface InDe Backer recorded his first tracks primarily using samples.

The culmination of this was the second Gotye album, Like Drawing Blood —named in reference to the difficulties De Backer experienced in recording his music in ever-changing environments.

Gotye interview 2008 - Wouter de Backer (part 1)

His album was released as Boardface in late Also on this date, Gotye released a video title "Making Making Mirrors", which is a short documentary about the recording process of " Making Mirrors ". The visuals were animated and directed by Benjamin Drake and Eddie White.

The Basics have continued to tour and record alongside Gotye, releasing four albums between and De Backer went on to produce two more four-track Gotye collections which were met with positive reviews, with several tracks getting onto the rotation at youth radio station Triple J.

It charted on the U. Making Mirrors and international success After the success of Like Drawing Blood, De Backer was able to establish a permanent home, still in Melbourne's south east. As a youth, De Backer displayed a passion for music, learning various instruments, most notably piano and drums.

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He took up work at a local library, while continuing to perform with The Basics and record his own Gotye tracks. On the same day the nominations were revealed, the winners of the Artisan categories were announced, with Gotye and the album personnel winning all three.

His first single, "Learnalilgivinanlovin", was released in August The CDs were made in the same style as the first, with De Backer hand crafting each one and tenaciously chasing up every opportunity to get an audience for his work. Billboard Number 7 and in Canada.

The video was the Number 15 most viewed video of all-time on YouTube and the Number 4 most liked video of all-time[ when?

Wouter de backer

These collective performances helped the single to reach Number 1 on the Billboard Hot for the week ending 28 Aprilgiving Gotye his first U. They formed an enduring songwriting and performing partnership and became regulars on the live music scene, giving De Backer an outlet for his passion for live performance.

He chose his own spelling of this variation and named the project Gotye. On 6 October the video was awarded the Melbourne Design Award.

InLike Drawing Blood came in at No.


Feedback on the first release was mainly positive with Melbourne street press and Australian alternative, youth orientated radio station Triple J taking notice, [16] giving him confidence to continue with further sample-based recordings.

He sent the CDs out to every radio station and recording industry contact he could find in the phonebook, then followed each up with phone calls to ensure they were delivered.

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Like Drawing Blood was officially released in the U. The visuals were animated and directed by Ari Gibson at Mechanical Apple.

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Although the band formed a political movement named "The Basics Rock 'n' Roll Party" ahead of the Victorian electionDe Backer denied reports that he intended to enter politics himself.

The album art is a painting of De Backer's father that was salvaged from his home garden where it was discarded. He released a new single, " Eyes Wide Open ", online and on 10" vinyl in mid-October The first seeds of Gotye were planted when De Backer was given a large collection of old records.

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The album became an international success, charting in the Top 10 in 17 countries and reaching Number 1 in six. In its first week of release, Making Mirrors was already at Number 1 on the Australian ARIA albums chart, making Gotye the first Australian act to simultaneously hold both the Number 1 single and album since Silverchair in