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Both systems work great, but only after a little bit of practice. The game has several game modes for players to play, the 30 Years of WrestleMania Mode is the new single player campaign.

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Don't be afraid to be creative. The fight is over once one fighter has run out of health, once they tap matt damon married to lucy liu dating or if they leave the ring in certain modes. Smaller wrestlers are quick but can be short on strength, while bigger wrestlers are limited in movement.

That said, you'll want to keep sizing in mind. Players were able to play matches online and share community creations which other players could download. Lee is a splendid wrestler to spend some time with — and strikingly beautiful, to boot — and others like Lita, the Bella Twins and Kaitlyn, provide some great options as well.

Edit Assigning diva titles as the major title of your shows One issue in WWE '13's Universe mode was that we could not have a diva title as the major championship but we could have one in any of the other title slots.

If you hit it too soon or too late, you'll miss the chance to turn the tables on your foe.

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To set up a counter, you need to hit the button at just the right time. The game also features a a new navigation system to improve upon the previous game. There are other matches worth checking out as well.

Players are able to create their own character in the Create a Character Mode; there are a variety of pre-set options to choose from and the player can save their fighter to use in the game. It also doesn't hurt to get used to the play style of the Divas, as they offer their own techniques.

Hop in the ring with them whenever you can, even if you prefer more aggressive male types. All the things that went on in the previous week with rivals would be documented in the latest news section.

He just might be able to take him. They can't be pitted against guys, though. The reversal system from prior WWE games makes a return in 2K14, but it's been a bit smoothed out so it's more responsive this time around.

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Divas are also available, with a number of lovely ladies to pit against one another. Don't forget to use momentum and try to avoid big strikes. Multiplayer for this game is local based, the online servers were taken offline in It gets smaller as you wear down on energy, so make sure you master the timing-and-release of this as well.

In WWE 2K14, we can now choose to have a diva title as the major championship, allowing us to have an all diva show if we wanted to. This is the third game to be added to the WWE series and is part of a series with annual releases.

Players can do combos made up of basic and special attacks; there are various types of matches which may add environmental weapons to the ring which players can use to attack with.

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Try to stick to a good middle man to begin with. Players could create their own shows, bring back older series and it also added the ability to have pay-per-view events which are highly customizable.

Good luck — now hit the ring! With pinfalls, rather than tapping a button to escape, you need to hold it down and release it in a highlighted window, in the middle of a lighted bar.

Release it at the right time and you'll break the pin; screw up and your opponent will get the three count. Features Relive the past — Fight through over 45 historical matches in the 30 years of WrestleMania Mode Remain undefeated or defeat the champion — Players can take on the role as the undefeated The Undertaker to protect him win streak or try to break it Manage the WWE — Design and manage shows in the WWE Universe sandbox mode Create a character — Players can design their own character to add themselves or their friends to the game Multiplayer — Fight with and against friends with the local multiplayer in various match types Players Liked: Ambulance is a fun brawling match where one opponent has to wheel the other into an ambulance to win.

WWE Universe Mode

At the moment, all we know is that we can assign any number of matches from 3 matches to 7 matches for a major show.

Essentially, a counter allows you to stop an incoming attack from an opponent and create your own — it's a small window of opportunity, but one that can turn the tide of a match.

With local multiplayer, players can play in a wide variety of match types and can adjust the settings to their choosing. As with previous games, WWE 2K14 features a variety of matches that you can choose from. In this Universe mode, they've combined all three sections into one section called WWE.

This mode puts the player into the role of manager as they manage and design their own WWE. The aim of this mode is to complete the primary objectives for each match and there are also bonus objectives which can be completed. These tips will have you shouting "YES! With WWE 2K14, there are over 50 wrestlers available, with more coming via downloadable content.

These tips will have you shouting "YES!" in no time.

You can criss-cross these superstars any way you prefer in matches, which is excellent if you've always wanted to see how Goldberg would fare against Ryback, or maybe "Stone Cold" Steve Austin versus C. Some of the areas in this mode do not allow the player to freely control the player, some parts require the player to input certain sequences instead.

Edit Video Edit Summary of what has been said in the video Just like previous iterations, we can do the same things such as assigning champions, book matches and choose who we want in our brands. We've got some tips that will help get you started on the Road To Wrestlemania. Edit Rivalries With the rivalries feature, you can create your rivalries by choosing you superstars or tag team and the length of the rivalry Short 4 weeksMedium 8 weeks or Long 12 weeks.

Probably the most common question anyone can ask is, "Which wrestler should I begin with? If you're using a smaller wrestler like Daniel Bryan, you may be tempted to "bring down a mountain" with bigger guys like Andre the Giant or The Big Show, but keep in mind that's no easy feat.

However, here's a few new features that this game will have. Game Play Fighting in the game is a combination of basic and special moves; special moves are done by pressing the correct combination of buttons.

Mid-range guys, like The Rock and "Macho Man" Randy Savage, are a great way to get dialed in with the gameplay, before you start playing with other superstars.

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What's New It features improved gameplay over the previous game with modifications made to striking, the reversal system, catapult finishers and nearfalls to improve them. Maybe use a match type to your advantage with these guys, as listed below. You can only assign 3 rivalries per show.

Just like the Royal Rumble and the Money in the Bank winners, the King of the Ring winner would be recognized until the following year or when the next King of the Ring tournament happens. It recreates almost 30 years of WWE history and includes more than 45 matches for players to win; there are also many famous wrestlers featured in this mode and classic footage of WWE matches can also be viewed.