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Her words goaded the champ to ringside, before James sent her scurrying with an attempted Mick Kick. Once again, Bray Wyatt addressed Finn Balor.

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After Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss branded the six-time women's champion as over-the-hill, James criticised Little Miss Bliss for refusing to trash talk face-to-face.

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But the faction returned in a big way on Monday Night Raw. Finn remained unnerved in the ring but, as The Reaper of Souls returned to his familiar form and cackled, you can't help but wonder what Balor is up against.

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This puts Rollins and Reigns in the same boat and could lead to the two teaming up to take on the reestablished Authority as early as Monday night. Of course it will be weird to see Reigns and Rollins fight side by side for practically the first time after Rollins screwed Reigns and Dean Ambrose over to join The Authority, but the move does put a few interesting possibilities in play.

The Brothers in Arms circled the ring before laying out the four Superstars, hitting The Miz with their signature Triple Powerbomb and bumping fists over his prone body. Commercial customers contact Sky for price and to order.


But they weren't finished there. With the leader of the Balor Club standing in the ring, Wyatt appeared on the screen, seemingly transforming into Sister Abigail, who promised to punish the Irishman and his Demon persona.

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And once again he was not alone. Do you believe in miracles? While it probably wont be a long one, especially since Rollins is still much too early into his babyface transition, WWE might pull the trigger and reunite The Shield Brothers for a few matches.

Moments after defeating Matt Hardy, Braun Strowman was the next target. Not only would it be a great way for WWE to capitalize on the raw nostalgia that fans have for The Shield, it also helps WWE transition both Reigns and Rollins into a more solid babyface role and sets the stage for Rollins to face Triple H down the line at some point.

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Sky Box Office terms apply. The kind of miracles that you can only dream of being true, but secretly hopes in their hearts of hearts that it does actually come true.

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Will The Shield reunite Monday Night, or is this just too good to believe?