List of Top Bullet Cameras Ordered by Popularity - Reviews and Prices List of Top Bullet Cameras Ordered by Popularity - Reviews and Prices

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Motion detection recording and alarms are also ready to go, all you need to do is enter an email address to which the alerts will be sent. Mac users can now view live video with audio using QuickTimecontrol the motion detection settings within a browser using Adobe Flashtake snapshots from the live feed, and also record footage locally using QuickTime Pro.

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Compact design — The Y-cam Bullet can be wall or ceiling-mounted, and is supplied with a sturdy connection bracket for easy alignment. Y-cam Bullet has a number of professional grade features which make this device ideal for industrial or business applications. Please note that this competition is only open to UK residents over 18 years of age.

Night vision used to seem really cool, but it is now an expected commodity—and it still isn't worth the price you'd pay for this camera. Quick and simple to get up and running, the device is ideal for keeping an eye on your property or office while you are away.

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The Bullet HD is a camera an IT enthusiast might enjoy, since it supports features like Power over Ethernet PoE with some extra work, but it's not for those who just want to set up surveillance quickly and inexpensively. Additional features include infrared night vision which empire characters dating 12 infrared LEDs to provide high levels of "invisible" light in dark environments, and an Infrared Cut Filter to produce true day and night images.

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Using a dynamic DNS service. Sample image capture Also, IFTTT integration should be launching soon, so you will be able to integrate the cameras into a full home automation system if you wish.

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This competition is now closed. The camera has a microSD card slot that supports up to a 32GB card.

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The e does everything the Bullet does for less per camera—though paying a monthly fee to Logitech for the DVR service means it costs more in the long run, but the mobile access and online storage make the fee worth it.

There's a way around that local limitation that lets you view a stream when out and about, but it's complicated: That's what you'll use to access the camera's video feed in a Web browser.

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Multi-client access and password protection — The Y-cam supports up to 16 simultaneous remote users. The Bullets two-way audio feature is not available to be controlled on Mac systems, users can only listen to audio.

The Bullet is an easy-to-use and feature-rich device that can be used by anyone, from large scale industrial applications to home office installations, delivering real peace of mind to people looking for clear footage night and day, inside or out.

No frills or special tools for easy use. You have to get power to the camera via a cable regardless, so I feel like WiFi is a bit moot, whereas with a POE install you still only need one cable but you will get far better network performance. In comparison with local recording you sort of scroll to events, which are marked with general little orange lines.

Get your hands on some high tech security for your home - worth £475!

But no card is included, and to install the card, you need to remove the back of the camera by taking it off its mount and removing three recessed screws—so swapping cards regularly is a problem. The camera is designed primarily for outdoor use, as it's weatherproof and can withstand temperatures ranging from to degrees Fahrenheit.

If you plug speakers into the dongle you can talk to them from your computer if you use IE to access the video stream. Y-Cam's internal software prefers Microsoft Internet Explorer, as it defaults to it even if it's not your default browser; Y-cam even wrote a special ActiveX control to display the video and capture motion or stills from the stream.

Even the Y-Cam MultiLive app for smartphones I tried it on an iPhone 4 is all about local access, asking for the camera's local IP address, username, and password. After all, keeping HD video can take a lot of space.

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It comes with an adjustable base you can screw into a wall or ceiling. While the Bullet HD connects via Ethernet during setup, it's actually a wireless webcam with 2.

For that cost, a microSD card should be included, at the very least. It's the Y-Cam's lack of a true online video storage service option that hurts it the most.

Features and Performance The Bullet HD streams sharp video at a resolution as high as 1,by-1, pixels at 30 frames per second to a Web browser you can set the resolution lower as needed.

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The frame rate automatically adjusts to the available bandwidth. If any motion is detected, the camera can instantly email you a snapshot, or record the video to a microSD card.

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