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But we've been here before; about this time of year into be exact. He still seems to be running to first gingerly, but he definitely seems more himself in the field And I was there for the second of two losses in the same day, a day in which the Red Sox scored just two runs in 18 innings of baseball.

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And yet nothing, ultimately, has meaning. You see, I'd say it was a game in which he had displayed blazing fastball command and decent control over his breaking pitches, at least, in the odd-numbered innings of his four-inning start It's the same game, ostensibly: Striving is the cause of all suffering.

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Even if, in the grand scheme of things, I am very much not. Young guns and newcomers like Bard, Daniel Nava and Ryan Kalish have become, for me, the main attraction of a Red Sox game at this point. Eventually, during a game like Saturday's, in a season like this one, I just find what else there is to watch.

Buchholz shrugged, standing before the TV cameras.

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Ozzie Guillen, during a brief tempest over a hit batsman in the bottom of the fourth Notable characters made their appearance on the field: I'd say that he got lucky, got out of jams, clung to a 1-run lead courtesy of a JD Drew solo homer I'd say that in the second and fourth, he suffered, and especially, his curveball seemed a largely untamed beast, a bit worrisome after it was so problematic for him last season It's ultimately about loyalty regardless of outcome.

The atmosphere was comfortable -- the weather showed few traces of Hurricane Earl, which, though much-hyped, had briefly flirted with the Massachusetts coastline and then blown out to sea.

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I'd also add that Pedroia made some ranging plays to both his right and left. That's all a few days late, of course, and another dozen runs couldn't bring back the must-win games they've dropped in the last two weeks.

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So for today, I'd say I'm satisfied. Joined by further reinforcements from the farm like Lars Anderson and Yamaico Navarro, the Sox celebrated Labor Day in their series opener with the Rays tonight by thrashing Tampa Baywhile the Yankees lost to the Orioles.

Yamaico Navarro

The ballpark still seemed full and the crowd reasonably loud, on a weekend evening with just a two-run deficit and runners on base for most of the game. Saturday's game was the meat in a crappy loss sandwich, and at first it was tough to think of a less appealing night at the ballpark, in terms of both the game and my seats in the bleachers.

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It's still mostly Remy-Orsillo name mispronunciations and pitchers working out the kinks in their mechanics and hitters swinging and missing, "getting the timing back.

Manny Ramirez, to boos and camera flashes