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A technology information magazine called Yamatake Times, the publication of which was suspended during the war, was once again issued.

Before any other Japanese company, Yamatake established a partnership with a foreign company and started business as a comprehensive manufacturer of automation equipment. The aftermath of the war was difficult and there was almost no demand for machine tools or industrial instruments.

The age of digital instrumentation had come, and these products began to be introduced to advanced users like steel and iron plants and petrochemical refineries. Toshihiko visited relevant ministries every day to tell them about his long and reliable relationships with Honeywell, starting in the pre-war period, and finally obtained official permission.

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Cage-guided control valve left and low-noise control valve right Yamatake mobikwik office in bangalore dating to market cage-guided yamatake honeywell dealers in bangalore dating valves whose architecture was a world first, and very different from that of existing top-and-bottom guided control valves.

Together with the TDCS, the product was used by many petrochemical plants and chemical plants. Intelligent Component Series Yamatake developed the Intelligent Component Series of control devices, which could handle an increased amount of data with more sophisticated basic measurement and control functions.

Prices on the New York Stock Exchange fell precipitously, and Yamatake Shokai was faced with the greatest crisis since its founding.

This date is now observed as As a result of oil crises in Japan in andthe Japanese economy became sluggish, and public sentiment increased for energy efficiency in building air conditioning.

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Takehiko became its president and Toshihiko its vice president. Since this cage-guided valve was easy to use and of highly reliable quality with low noise, it became a huge hit.

The company changed its articles of association and started to make general-purpose electrical devices in order to pay its employees. ETOS sensors were distinctive because of their 4—10 mA two-line signal transmission method and incorporation of transistors in all the functions to deliver fast and accurate responses.

Previously, central monitoring panels had been designed separately for each building. Instead of constructing many buildings with no plan, governments and people began discussing better urban development, including landscape conservation in cities and traffic planning.

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Toshihiko was determined to make payment, however, as he believed that debtor-creditor relationships between individuals should not be affected by the war, so he continued making deposits.

Because of a need for domestic production of oxygen, which is necessary for welding, Takehiko founded Nippon Sanso Limited Partnership Company presently, Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation. President Richard Brown Takehiko traveled to the U. SES60 SVP smart valve positioner Compact control valve CV Alpha Plus Series In response to Great Hanshin earthquake in January, the Japanese government instructed gas companies across Japan to equip their facilities with gas shutoff equipment that would automatically stop gas supply with shutoff valves activated by seismometers.

Critical environment control system Yamatake began business in the area of critical environments, where high-quality treatment of air is vital and ventilation is the main concern of customers, such as chemical research facilities, animal rearing facilities, bioscience labs, and hospitals facing the risk of infections.

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President Toshihiko Yamaguchi left leaving for the U. With the support of Yasuda, Takehiko traveled to Cleveland in the United States and immersed himself for one year in the study of machines for nail manufacturing.

In the s, the compact CV Alpha Plus series of control valves, designed for work in densely piped industrial areas, such as fine chemical manufacturing, were developed and marketed, followed by the development of SVP smart valve positioners, with a built-in microprocessor.

A group of ETOS sensors, such as electrical pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, temperature converters, and air pressure converters, were also manufactured in Japan.

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Yamatake worked with Tokyo Gas to develop the intelligent SES60 seismometer in order to prevent secondary disasters due to gas leakage after an earthquake.

It was under these circumstances that Takehiko introduced millivoltometers and pyrometers equipped with platinum thermocouples into Japan, which contributed to the quality and safety of Japanese industry. The first products assembled by Yamatake: In Japan, which has four distinct seasons, replacing heat-source devices and changing the number of heat-source devices according to the changing seasons were important duties of building facility managers.

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Takehiko was born in the castle town of Kagoshima on the island of Kyushu on July 2. The Kamata Factory manufactured Modutrol motors, the first compact motors for control devices in Japan. The DELTA was able to take advantage of this trend, since its recently developed microcomputers were capable of energy-saving control.

On the 60th anniversary of its founding, the company changed its name from Yamatake-Honeywell Keiso Co. The visit paid off with Yamatake Shokai signing an agreement to act as the sole Japanese distributor for the Brown Instrument Company.

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VSI-equipped instrumentation panel VSI vertical scale indicating controller While considering how compact instruments should be designed in the new age of instrumentation, Yamatake chose to meet the need for space-saving, small instruments that could be easily monitored by operators, and it developed the VSI vertical scale indicating controller with new current-balancing circuits.

This led to a strong demand for centralized control of the facilities. A building management system for hour year-round operation s - s Building automation Aroundwith the spread of computers and increased load from lighting, more and more buildings began to need an air conditioning system even in the winter, and Takehiko was introduced by Oku to Takahashi, who was a close friend of Oku and the first Minister of Agriculture and Commerce at the time.

Sweatt Award in to recognize top scientists for creativity and achievements in technological development. He also visited Germany to observe machine tools in an advanced nation.

In the same year, a peace treaty between Japan and the Allied powers was signed in San Francisco. By way of business development measures, Yamatake decided to reduce costs with production sites in China, while developing and marketing high value-added products.

Contributions to Japanese industry by improving quality and safety - On the road to becoming an industrial instrumentation manufacture On December 1,Yamatake Shokai opened in Tokyo.