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The project is still eighteen months down the road.

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Ni devas pripensi nian Finnlandan esploradan projekton. I declined politely, but I felt bad — he seemed sane and said he was a photo journalist in his own country, so I'm sure it would have been interesting to talk to him, but I doubt he understood that I was probably 30 years older than he was.

We should be thinking about our Finland research project.

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Now I will never pass this test! Nun vi vidas kial ni bezonas resti je pliproksima konsulto. Do refoje Donido klarigis: Nowadays, a car is more like a dozen grand.

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Egypt was seated across the aisle from me and he borrowed my pencil sharpener. Donny wanted to actually replace him, live in person.


Starts the day after tomorrow, you know. After the test I ate lunch at the market square, where there was a family-operated Thai food truck. Meanwhile, Donny had changed the subject. I was intensely aware of the looks I got when I pulled out my American passport. But now that I can read a sign from a reasonable distance, we can finally start to think about getting this show on the road.

Understanding two cultures gives an advantage that goes beyond just the language

Sed mi estas surprizita. Do you want to give the modem a try now, without the benefit new dating sites like pof Pete and Sheila kibitzing?

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If so, we can hook up, and see if I can get it direct from your memory. Vi akiris proksimume duonon da tio tiel. And then I started to think about the other people there.

What’s this symbol?

Maybe I should think about this next time I get huffy about people not reading instructions Faru la nombradon refoje, per vi mem. You got about half of it there.

Akurate post duona horo, Donido reaperis, alportante la modemon kaj la Finnan libron. Venas en mia kapo, mi supozas ke mi estas tiu kiu devus iri tien? Wish I could sneak in and hear it. And the year before. Now the next thing is to disconnect, and see if you can do it again, but this time without my practice-memory on line to guide you.

I imagined the transactions and friendly words that must have occurred over weeks, months or years between this Thai family, living in Finland's 'most boring town', and this man and his mother. Plejtempe, ni ne volos koni kion faras la alia ulo.

After our break it was time for the listening and speaking portions of the test in the language studio. Mi nur devos eliri por tio je kelkaj minutoj frue. How would it be if I impersonated you tomorrow, and gave the lecture?

"yksi kaksi kolme neljä" English translation

Unlike me, the teachers were very patient, considering how most of the students needed some kind of additional assistance. Did they give you the modem?

It was her way or the doorway. As he paid, he told the young woman behind the counter, "My mother says to tell your mother hello!

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Finland has a language requirement for applicants, which is fulfilled by passing a test known as YKI at the intermediate level. It can be in many ways, but there are many, many individual acts of kindness and helpfulness.

See a Problem?

Sed kiam aperos la specialaj okazoj: But apparently he wanted me to show him my answers so that he could pass the test. Normale, Don eble kontentigus por havi iun preni unu de liaj profesiaj taskoj.

While waiting for my food, a Finnish man arrived to pick up a take-out platter for a party. Neither my dress nor my skin color gives me away.

Do the count again, yourself. I know that these are my weakest areas, and there were several places where I had to simply use common sense to answer questions, and one question I completely missed.

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Don stayed in the living room to put himself in the mood by examining their new supply of Finland tourism materials, and the fine print on the application to the Nordic Research Fund. The whole advantage of our double-bodied existence is that we can speed up the things we were going to be doing anyway, and spread our wings for ventures we might have deferred, or saved for another lifetime.

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