park shin hye and jung yong hwa when they were dating mp3 indir park shin hye and jung yong hwa when they were dating mp3 indir

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They're always bashing other artists when it comes to their relationships. It's perfectly fine to comment that you like a pairing.

What happened to Park Shin-hye? I ship Maroo and Soosoo instead, lol.

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She seems bland and unoriginal, and apparently doesn't have representation keeping her on track to expand professionally, if not creatively. Cnblue yonghwa and park shin hye are dating Cnblue yonghwa and park shin hye are dating Cnblue yonghwa and park shin hye are dating Who did cameron from the real world hook up with Indian dating bangalore Combat Hayate Butler Se Joo closes her hand with the ring and tells her to keep it.

Hey, the profile say but that fake every koreaans add 10cm to their height her real height is at least, Koreans are short but tallest among east Asia What shows did park Jung Min do?

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Let us put it this way, if yong has a girlfriend and a close friend and he gave a flowers to his close friend, what might his gf feel? No one IS his girlfriend at the moment.

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But that doesn't mean we need to post negative things to the opposite pairing and try to twist words and make more of these fake "scandals". And fans of JKS would be upset reading your comment that Jung is multi-talented and Jang is uni-talented.

I actually saw this article when it just come out and I've seen all these negative comments come through.

It's already hurting many other idols and it shouldn't matter who they date since we as fans should just support ; them. It's sad that in Korea relationships are hidden due to crazy fans that can't accept reality.

Park Shin Yang does in fact play the piano.

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Whether they are dating in real, nobody knows the answer. Anyways, this message has gone long enough and if none of you want to accept what I'm saying, then I can't change how you act.

He also said that Shin Hye's character 'Kyuwon' is the exact type of ideal woman for him, and then went on to say that 'Kyuwon' is alike with Shin Hye in personality and style several times.

Nothing more nothing less. This needs to stop.

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I like them both. Who is park shin hye's boyfriend?

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And even if there truly is a hidden relationship, who are we to pester them into confirming it until there is solid proof like them on an actual date? I for one love Yonghwa's and PSH relationship, they seem like true friends that can count on each other.

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Is park shin hye and jang geun suk dating? No, they are not dating. Like I said, even if there is alot of evidence pointing to a relationship, you don't have to go all crazy acting like this confirms anything. He even played thepiano and sang in the movie "Lovers in Paris". Bastarz Block B Profile Lyrics.

Park and Jung look good same with Park and Jang.

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And just in case people think I'm siding with one pairing, I'm not biased in any way. It's pathetic to be honest. Maris April 15, at 1: