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The first thing they see is a small hallway with an empty closet to the side. But I already have some ideas for future chapters which will make my Eunseob heart and hopefully yours as well! Yoseob nods and they both continue towards the door. I think I can handle it now.

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Go up to the 3rd floor and explore your new home! At the other end of the hallway is an open door, most likely leading to their new home. The couple gets into an elevator and goes up to the 3rd floor. Eunji walks over to where he is. They start walking towards the door. I remember my feet touching the ground a lot.

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You even gave me a piggyback because I couldn't stand it anymore. Yoseob glares at her a bit before going back to his food. Yoseob grabs it and opens it. Yoseob immediately stops in his tracks. They usually give like apartments. Yoseob starts walking towards the door. We met through Taemin and Naeun.

They arrive on their floor and get off the elevator.

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You want us to open your door but you get out immediately. But they won't give us an entire house like that. Her shoes would've gotten really dirty if she stepped in the mud since they're white. She finds the mission card and gets out of the car.

He asked if they met through Taemin and Naeun. Eunji grabs it and opens it. He didn't ask how. Should we go inside?


They both get in and drive towards their new home. I'm not that short! Has any other Apink member been on? Thanks for the interest in my story!

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Yoseob closes the door for her. I'd also want a balcony for the second floor. Indeed, there was one on the door of the huge building. Eunji nods and they both stand up. We won after being in last place all day. We made lots of people laugh.

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I hope to have the next chapter up by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. I hope you guys like it. But with a big front and backyard. They finally arrive at the door and walk through it, entering their newlywed home for the first time. Eunji takes a while longer as she tries to find where she left the mission card.

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Travel to your newlywed home where your individual belongings have already been left. With elegant colors, nothing too bright.

Yoseob leads the way to his car. Park Mi Sun nods in agreement. Eunji nods and he opens the door. A newlywed home of course! As they are walking, Yoseob grabs Eunji's arm and pulls her away from a patch of mud she was about to walk in.