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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

On Hassleberry's End Phasehe activates his face-down " Volcanic Eruption " to destroy all cards on the field. Meanwhile Jaden and Jesse get over excited during the Duel and start cheering on both teams, despite Syrus complaining they should be more concerned about Jim's 'waves'.

He then activates " Tail Swipe " to target "Saurobeast Brachion" and return "Sabersaurus" and "Sample Fossil" to their original owners' hands as both monsters' Levels were lower than the Level of "Saurobeast Brachion".

The South Academy champion, Jim Crocodile Cookrushes over and orders the crocodile to release him, apologizing. He's restrained by Jaden and Jesse. Due to the second effect of "Sample Fossil", "Sabersaurus" cannot attack or be Tributed.

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He however, says "Basically you lose one of your best monsters," which would allude to Hassleberry's "Ultimate Tyranno" in that sense. He's eating a large lunch, and wonders aloud why he's so tired. The next day, Syrus rushes into the infirmary having heard that Jaden has recovered, only to find he'd busy gorging on two lunches - as both Alexis and Blair made him one when they heard he collapsed.

Outside, Jaden, Syrus and Hassleberry meet up with Jessewho states zoosk dating site scam heard that Axel was similary exhausted from the Duel and that he heard a rumor saying that Jaden was forced to give up dueling.

He states that he participated in numerous Survival Duels at West Academybut he had never felt so drained after having one before. Jim Jim draws "Fossil Fusion".

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He then activates " Specimen Inspection " to send "Sample Fossil" from his hand to the Graveyard and declare one monster type and Level. In the dub, when Hassleberry activates "Volcanic Eruption," he explains its effect, mistakenly saying that it only destroys every monster on the field.

Nurse Fontaine advises him to rest for the day, but he instead finishes eating and rushes from the infirmary, stating he feels wonderful. Jaden 's group joins with Jim Crocodile Cook to investigate mysterious energy readings in the forest.

Once that is done, Hassleberry must send a monster with the declared type and Level from his Deck to the Graveyard. Hassleberry then activates "Jurassic World". On Hassleberry's End PhaseHassleberry sends "Sabersaurus" from his hand to the Graveyard to prevent "Card of Variation" from inflicting damage to him.

Featured cards The following cards appeared in this episode. The card in question really eradicates every card on the field; this is attested when Jim's face-down "Call of the Haunted" and Hassleberry's "Jurassic World" abscond the field. Adrian Gecko is eavesdropping outside Axel's door, and wonders if this is connected to Thelonious Viper 's activities.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Dubbed Episode 110

Jim challenges Hassleberry to a Duel, which the latter seems to accept. Jim then Sets a card " Call of the Haunted ". Since Jim summoned a monster, the effect of "Saurobeast Brachion" activates, switching it to Defense Position. Hassleberry then Sets a card.

Jim ultimately wins the Duel, but both of them collapse afterwards. They adversely affect Hassleberryand he ends up Dueling Jim.

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Jim states that she usually isn't so riled up - and has only become so since the previous day. He then activates " Dowsing Burn " to remove from play "Dark Driceratops" from Hassleberry's Graveyard and destroy "Sabersaurus" as "Sabersaurus" and "Dark Driceratops" were the same type and the former monster's Level was lower than the latter monster's Level.

Thelonious Viper's alarm system suddenly starts blaring, and his security cameras show that Adrian is attempting to gain access to the lab. Syrus speculates that it may be because of the "dinosaur DNA" that Hassleberry has.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Episode 110 English Dubbed

The five of them end up following the meter's readings into the forest, where they begin to get stronger. Contents Summary This summary is currently incomplete.

After he leaves with Syrus and Hassleberry behind him, Miss Fontaine tells the girls to try and get Jaden to rest and tell him he can't duel for 2 weeks, something they see as impossible. Hassleberry Hassleberry draws " Jurassic World ".

Jim believes that if he and Hasseleberry experience the same exhaustion that Axel and Jaden did, then it would provide more evidence that the waves are to blame for it.

After Jim inflicts damage with " Flint Cragger ", Hassleberry appears to return to normal. Jim Crocodile Cook Turn 1: Cards in italics debuted here.