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The occult version of the summoned beast is a werewolf, which symbolises wildness.

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While he meant it as yuuji sakamoto relationships dating joke, he is always spot-on when this happens. Bullies, Bad actors, Basketball Fears: It is also shown in the anime that he was called a child prodigy when he was in elementary school and was expected to become a successful and talented person.

Their close bond is also shown as to how they switch from fighting to achieving a common goal in the blink of an eye. Can speak 4 languages including English.

He made it to the Ouran High School and thought it was just marvelous. While he is calm and cool and mostly thinks before acting, Akihisa often acts on impulse and guided by his feelings.

Yûji Sakamoto

His family was not okay with the idea of their eldest son liking other males. Yes, he also devised plans where the enemy would be tricked and decived as well, cause to him, the result only mattered, not the way it was obtained. How he makes yuuji sakamoto relationships dating strategies also makes the anime more interesting and funny.

Aggressive mode - overdrive He is often shocked by a stun gun or jabbed in the eyes by Shouko whenever he tries to escape a date with her or she has suspicions that Yuuji likes some other girl. He sometimes considers himself a hippy so he loves everyone! He is the only one capable of tricking Akihisa many times.

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Who did you PM?: Being partners in crime, they can make their way out of Ironman's fists when they aren't thinking of betraying each other. He takes responsibility of his actions and their outcomes.

For instance, after losing to Shouko in the elementary level history test, Yuuji worked hard to improve his grades and thus, improve his overall score.

The things I didn't like about his character are He is nice towards most of the people that he meets. It's weapons are brass knuckles, with three spikes on each.

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Quite gazet van antwerpen vandaag online dating cute couple right? His rumor timing with Yoshii is fun to watch. Summon the Beasts Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series. Edit Yuuji enters this mode when he ask Akihisa a favor Yuuji is close to Akihisa to the point where they can actually communicate without any words.

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A gag in the series is that Yuuji will attempt to decipher a complicated expression on Akihisa's face and comment on a series of events that must have taken place that somehow resemble a scene in yaoi stories.

He looks sort of condescending from his students point of view. His caring attitude which he doesn't show openly to everyone is also what makes his character stand out in the anime.

He is the one who plans all the strategies and tactics for the summoned beast exams for his class.

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It is also implied that he is scared from some occasions that is connected to marriage an example is the ticket to the Kisaragi Grand Park which features a mock-wedding event. He's the only person who is capable of tricking Yoshii many times. Yuji was born and raised in Toyko and later found out he was pansexual around his middle school years.

But he was not laid back all the time. Yuuji consoling Shouko He is often shocked by a stun gun by her in some situations such as not allowing him to escape on their date, when she has suspicions that Yuuji likes some other girl besides her, etc. He went from high school to high school to see if they had any teaching openings.

Their close relationship is often questioned by the girls which Shouko even suspects that Yuuji is having "affair" with him, for comedic effect.

Yuji Sakamoto

So they decided that it was best if he got his own place so they did not have to feel the shamefulness of his presence. The closeness, is questionable Although they didn't get along at all when they first met, but after working together for the first time they both became the best of friends.

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After a while he had lost the connection with his family and decided to get a degree for teaching so he could teach a high school. He had passed his middle school and high school yes. This leds Yuuji to get irritated with himself, since it's stated that he hates that part of him that makes him remember how in his childhood he hesitated before standing up for Kirishima to the bullies.

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One thing I'd have loved to see in the anime was the confession of his feelings to Shouko. Yuji is a very intelligent person that people find very friendly.

As a result he was placed in class F. During the test run, his summoned beast also acted like other's, revealing Yuuji's secret and showing his true side, which led him to be tied up by Shouko. He has the ability to make new friends very quickly but has few enemies.

Yūji Sakamoto Rankings & Opinions

Yuji likes to wear black trailblazers with golden yellow outlines and a mixed black and white shirt underneath the blazer. Yuuji and Akihisa didn't get along when they first met, with Yuuji misunderstanding Akihisa as a pervert at the time of the entrance ceremony.

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He had worked hard for 2 years and finally achieved his goal to get his degree. Yuuji's tactics were solely based on one thing - do whatever it takes to win. The way Yuuji used "the mode" to trick Yoshii How Yoshii would easily fall to "the mode" Their closeness is also questioned by other girls and Shouko even suspects that Yoshii and Yuuji are having an affair.

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It is implied that he has feelings for Shouko, although he denies it. The paid for him to live in a single bed room loft that was in a beautiful building. But due to Shouko's unyielding obsession with marrying him since childhood, Yuuji is always on the run or always proving his innocence to Shouko, so that he can live peacefully.

The coat also has a class F badge on its collar.

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Yuuji sees Akihisa as and idiot who "has that one thing he has been wishing for himself for a long time". His body is pretty slim and has muscles that seem to attract the women.

Some black khaki pants or sometimes even beige pants with some black or brown shoes depending on what color pants he is wearing. Shouko tends to be aggressive when it comes to making Yuuji confess his feeling and signing the marriage certificate. However, after working together for the first time, they found it easier to clear their differences.

You could see the horizon from the windows in the bedroom. Their close bond is also shown as how fast they can change from arguing to working with each other to achieve a common goal.